Tumblr Is Facebook For People Who Understand the Internet

I’ve been experimenting with the Tumblr blogging platform. Click the big picture to check it out. I’ve got some brief observations. Tumblr is Facebook for people who understand the internet. Or Facebook’s wall is Tumblr for dumb-dumbs. I’ve been using my dashboard to browse what other people are finding interesting. The difference from Facebook is that I think these people are interesting, they’re not people I know or love or care for, I just find them interesting. It’s quite the little meritocracy. And let me tell you, when a total stranger likes or reblogs something, it’s quite … awesome.

The differences with WordPress are also interesting. WordPress is better for longer writing, Tumblr is better for posting videos or pictures quickly. Tumblr is easier, WordPress is more powerful, Tumblr is more focused, WordPress is more diverse. I see pluses to both system, and I think about how form shapes function. If you follow someone’s tumblr for a little while, you can get quite a sense of who they are, or think they are. It’s a form especially useful for younger users, who pour out their feelings quickly without consideration, and glom on to bits of passing fancy and try to affix it to their selves.

So for a time WaCK will be running concurrently with a tumblr feed of the random internet detritus that sparks my eye. I hope it’s interesting, or thought-provoking, or entertaining.

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