This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well it was a good season.  Assuming a 10% rake, if I bet $100 on each game this year, for a total of $5100 in money wagered, I’d have won about $520 (28 wins x $190 = $5320, 3 ties x $100 = $300; combined $5620).  The contenders finished .500, but with the rake would’ve been roughly -$240 for the season (24 wins x 190 = $4560, 3 ties x $100 = $300; combined for $4860).  Of course, I didn’t bet this season, because if I had bet I would’ve gone 10-41.  As we ride off into the sunset and the NFL’s 12 remaining teams gird their loins for the NFL’s annual playoff tournament, please take a moment to enjoy this season’s final picks review.

GAME 1:  Pitt -5.5 @ Cleveland (Phil picked Pitt, LCK picked Cleveland)

Phil:  I was pretty confident that the Steelers would take care of business, but they did so in even more impressive fashion than I thought they would.  The Browns showed a little bit of a spark this year, but there’s no reason to believe that they’ll be better than 3rd place in the AFC North next year.  Both the Steelers and the Ravens are better at almost every position than Cleveland.

Forecasts call for Cleveland Browns fans' tears with a chance of alcoholism for the 2011 season as well.

Loose Cannon Koala:  Obviously, I picked the wrong upset here.  Colt McCoy played like the rookie he is and the Steelers defense showed how tough it can be.  Pittsburgh really played like they needed the two seed and made Cleveland look bad.  At least Browns fans can look forward to a new coach next season and maybe even 6 wins.

GAME 2:  Tennessee @ Indy -10 (Phil picked Tenn, LCK picked Indy)

Phil:  Ten points was just too much for an Indy team that only won 3 games by more than 10 this year.  The Colts should be able to get past the Jets, but their hobbled offense and mediocre defense won’t be enough to get to win two playoff games.  The Titans had another mediocre year.  And what else would you expect?  They have a mediocre coach that the team insists on keeping for some reason.  Since Fisher took the helm for his first full season in 1995, the team has made the playoffs only 6 out of 16 tries, or 37.5%.  In a 32 team league,  37.5% of teams (12) make the playoffs.  Jeff Fisher’s tenure is the definition of mediocrity.  His teams have been average.  And it’s not like he inherited a bad franchise.   The team made the playoffs every season from 1987 to 1993 before he took over at the end of 1994.

Titan's new 2011 logo.

Loose Cannon Koala:  The Titans and Colts played one of the most even games of the day with the Titans covering the spread by a touchdown.  The Colts were able to keep Chris Johnson from having a big day, but still allowed Kerry Collins to throw for 300 yards.  I thought the Colts would score more than they did, but watching the 4th quarter the Titans defense really stepped up and forced a lot of punts.  Indy’s offense doesn’t seem as high powered as it used to be going into the playoffs.  I expected Manning to throw for 350 and at least 3 touchdowns; instead the Titans held the Colts to 23 points.

GAME 3:  St. Louis -3 @ Seattle (Both picked St. Louis)

Phil:  Damn you St. Louis.  I road the Rams all season, when in fact I should have been flying on the Seahawks.  And how wouldn’t have been?  After all, the Seahawks have a great head coach (40-40 lifetime with 1 playoff win), strong on offense (28th in yards 23rd in points), solid on D (27th in yards 25th in points), and most importantly they take care of the (-9 turnover margin for 28th best in the league).

This is what I think of when I think of "Sea Hawk."

Loose Cannon Koala:  Not only did Seattle cover the spread, they dominated the Rams.  I thought this game could go either way and would end up going down to the wire, but the Rams offense never got going and they were outgained by 150 yards.  St. Louis will be back next year when the Rams will probably be the favorites to win the division.  Overall, 0-3 on my picks and a disappointing weekend.

Thanks, loyal reader (or possibly readers!).  Until we meet again.

Pictured from left to right: Phil Raintree, Jerome the Dinosaur, Ray Lewis, Matt Stover, and Tom Matte


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