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Philanthroper – A Groupon For Charities

One thing I struggle with since we started this space is how to creatively espouse libertarianism. In many ways, it’s easy to reduce this writing to a kind of fingers-in-my-ears denialism, na-na-na-na-na I can’t hear you, I know why you’re … Continue reading

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When Is A Shopkeeper More Interesting Than The President?

I wasn’t impressed with the President’s State of the Union speech, but then, I don’t recall ever being impressed by any SOTU. I get it, we’re strong. Blah, blah. Salmon. Yawn. In this video from the Free to Choose Network. … Continue reading

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The One Where Aaron Probably Had Too Much To Drink

Another House of Punte, y’all. And I gotta admit that while it’s probably technically possible to podcast sober … why? This one features the return of Ryan Walsh and everyone’s favorite ADD-addled half-Asian, Shakey. There’s also me and Amber, and of … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Songs for Snowy Days

Every Friday morning we kick off your weekend with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, we celebrate some songs that fit the weather. Enjoy our tribute to ‘snow’. And don’t worry, Informer won’t make it … Continue reading

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It’s A Good Day For Reading

Snow has basically paralyzed DC again, and closed our office building. That means coffee and blankets and laptops and books, so today sounds like a perfect day for a linkfest! Here’s what I’m reading while the ground is blanketed with the … Continue reading

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A Song For A Rain and Fog and Snow

This is a crappy, crappy Wednesday in the DC area. It’s snowy and rainy and cold and damp and grey. I found this song particularly pleasing today, especially the lyrics about death; “and it will steal your innocence/ but it … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Mississippi …

Punte delivers again. Come for college football news and funny photoshops of bear-mascots, stay for penetrating social insight. House Bill 1106, authored by Duvall, would amend the state code, adding a provision that the University of Mississippi “shall bear the … Continue reading

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This Is Why We Can’t Have National Healthcare: Triple Nut Shot Edition

Every time I see a high-schooler wearing shorts in January, I think to myself “this is why single-payer healthcare is a dumb idea.” It’s wrong to ask me, in my scarf, hat, gloves, jacket, sweater, shirt, and t-shirt, to subsidize … Continue reading

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New House of Punte!

New House of Punte, featuring me, Phil Raintree, Amber and of course, Punte himself. We talk to Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog. Despite his team beating my Pats, he makes the shortlist of favorite guests. Listen here, subscribe on iTunes, and laugh … Continue reading

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FMM: Garfunkle & Oates

Every Friday morning, we kick off your day with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, we remember Jermaine and Bret, and look forward to Kate and Riki. It’s music and comedy, two great tastes that … Continue reading

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