Picking With Phil: Week 17

Look how far we’ve come.  It’s week 17.  I’m hanging on to a two game ahead of the Contenders.  This week we have Loose Cannon Koala with us.  It’s not Eli Manning, but it is a guy that set a record for the Chicago Catholic High School Basketball League combo of three pointers made and number of times watching “On Golden Pond.”  Let’s get going before 2011!

GAME 1:  Pitt -5.5 @ Cleveland

Phil:  The Steelers are better than the Browns in almost every category expect passing defense.  Colt McCoy isn’t good enough to take advantage of an above average but not great Pittsburgh secondary, even with Polamalu out.  The Steelers are going to run all over the Browns and cruise to an easy win here.  Earning themselves a first round bye and an inevitable stomping by the Pats in the AFC championship game.  Pittsburgh 23  Cleveland 13

Polamalu recuperating for the divisional round of the playoffs.

Loose Cannon Koala:  The Browns have been playin’ for pride since the beginning of their worthless season, but have managed to eek out five wins.  Their past seven games have all been decided by 10 points or less; however they are only 2-5 against the spread at home.  The Steelers have covered 4 of 7 on the road and are the better team.  I hate all of the Steelers’ players especially Polamalu, so I’m taking the Browns in an upset.  Cleveland 20  Pittsburgh  17

GAME 2:  Tennessee @ Indy -10

Phil:  The Colts aren’t going to lose this game unless Chris Johnson has 300 yards and Peyton Manning’s arm falls off.  The Colts are a purely passing team at this point and the Titans cannot stop the pass.  The Colts have lost 2 games at home this year.  They haven’t lost more than 2 at home since 2003.  Everything is going against the Titans in this game.  But I hate Indy and my pride does not allow me to pick them.  Titans 25  Indy 24

Now that's good posture.

Loose Cannon Koala:  I hate both teams.  Jeff Fisher has a mullet, the Titans have the dirtiest players, and the state of Tennessee doesn’t even deserve a football team.  On the other hand, the Colts are almost unwatchable with Manning’s potbelly and girl shoulders, plus his incessant audible calling at the line.  Colts are playing at home for the playoffs, and though they have struggled some of the season, they win big.  Colts  34   Titans  17

GAME 3:  St. Louis -3 @ Seattle

Phil:  St. Louis should cruise to victory in this game.  The only thing that Seahawks home field is overrated.  They are 22-17 since 2006.   Otherwise, they’ve lost 7 of 9, have won only 2 road games.  The Rams live off of short passes and the Seahawks have the 4th worst passing defense in the league.  Rams make the playoffs where they will be smoked by the Saints.  But for this week, celebrate my horned friends.  St. Louis 30 Seattle 15.

Bearded woman or Seahawks QB?

Loose Cannon Koala:  This one is a toss up.  The Rams are certainly better on paper, but anything can happen between two bad teams.  I’ll take the Rams because of their defense and because Charlie Whitehurst is starting for the Seahawks.  Bradford throws for two scores and the Rams are headed to the playoffs.  Rams  27   Seattle  14

STANDINGS: Phil 26-19-3 CONTENDERS: 24-21-3

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