She Blinded Me with Monday Links

Take More Vitamin DWait! Don’t Take the Vitamin D! The biggest kicker is that they’re likely referencing the same report.

iPhone adds $1.9 billion to the trade deficitbut wait, not “Made in China”?: “The researchers say traditional ways of measuring global trade produce the number but fail to reflect the complexities of global commerce where the design, manufacturing and assembly of products often involve several countries.”

Pottery Barn Chandelier Courtesy Apartment Therapy

Good to know I’m not the only one seriously considering this: “The idea of soon having no illumination choice other than those twisty light bulbs has left me a little bit nuts. So now part of my Saturday routine is making the rounds of various stores and loading my pickup with packages of incandescent bulbs.”

Reversing Aging Ills in Mice

Ten Weird and Wonderful Facts about Nature and Top Ten  Poisonous Foods We Love to Eat

Just try reading this without yawning once


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One Response to She Blinded Me with Monday Links

  1. Libby says:

    Seriously, the room-brightening power of those twisty bulbs are superior to incandescent bulbs anyway, especially if you happen to live in a dark, windowless cave of a basement apartment.

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