This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

It’s Christmas, so Mr. 4.5 Forty and I have a quick hitting TWILFP for you this week.

GAME 1:   Saints @ Bmore -1.5 (Both picked Saints)

Phil:  In a way, I would have preferred if the Ravens lost this game.  Then it would’ve allowed me to wallow in my own negativity for another week and possibly year.  Instead the Ravens gave me hope, those bastards.  Now I’m just looking forward to being let down again.  It amazes me that this Ravens team will likely finish 12-4 playing a tough schedule, and not really playing a complete game all year.  What does that mean?  I don’t know.

Ravens mania is coming alive just in time for the playoffs.

Mr. 4.5 Forty:  I doubted Ray and he showed me what talking to animals can do. Rice was also nice and Saints went marching out with a loss.

GAME 2:  Washington @ Dallas -6 (Phil picked Skins, Mr. 4.5 Forty picked Dallas)

Phil: The Redskins find ways to lose.  Luckily, they lost by less than 6.  Kyle Shanahan may not be a total dumbass after all, as Rex Grossman looked better than McNabb.

Never doubt this.

Mr. 4.5 Forty:  Had I known Grossman was starting I would have been even more certain the Skins would have lost and not covered, but Grossman reached into his inner sex cannon to see to it that the Redskins covered.  Lesson learned.

Game 3:  Jax @ Indy -5   (Both picked Indy)

Phil:  The Jags would’ve covered if Josh Scobee knew how to do an onside kick.   Oh that Scobee!  So I’ll give the Jags some credit, they can play a little bit.  Not enough to win this game though, and not enough to stop the fake Colts from reaching the playoffs (and probably beating the Ravens).

Not so happy now are you, Scobee?

Mr. 4.5 Forty:  Exactly as I predicted.  Right down to Collie being brain dead.  Sorry about that, Austin.

STANDINGS: Phil 24-18-3 CONTENDERS: 23-19-3

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