My Favorite Christmas Stuff

Carol: O Holy Night
Special: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Food: Mashed-potatoes (skins on, please)
Dessert: My Mom makes these sugar cookies in the shape of Santa’s head. His eyes are chocolate chips, his hat and nose are red sprinkles, and his beard, eyebrows, and the trim on his hat are all coconut flakes. We call them, inventively, Santa Clause Cookies. They’re the bomb.

What about you all?

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One Response to My Favorite Christmas Stuff

  1. Christina says:

    Carol (yes, this song can be sung; as in, I will make the guitar noises whilst playing air guitar): Christmas in Sarajevo 12/24 (Carol of the Bells), Transiberian Orchestra
    Special: It’s a Wonderful Life
    Food: Scalloped potatoes
    Dessert (well, we serve it with the meal): Povitica

    Speaking of sugar cookies, of the many shapes we bake and decorate, the Santa Clauses and the gingerbread men-shaped ones are traditionally supposed to receive red hots for their eyes. At some point in time, I think red hot producers changed their formula, because newer versions of red hots from the grocery store led to a massacre that greeted us from the oven. It looked like Santa Claus and the gingerbread men were bleeding from their eyes, and the mens’ buttons instead made their little sugary bodies appear bullet-ridden. This did not disrupt the tradition. We still make tortured-looking sugar cookies today, but we no longer send those to friends’ and neighbors’ houses.

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