Picking With Phil: Week 15

I can’t believe there are only three weeks left in the NFL season.  Time flies when you’re writing NFL picks with great friends and foes alike.  This week’s contender is our third Redskin fan to join in the fun along with Biking Mike and Attorney Brazil.  The contender was a prolific footballer himself.  All welcome, Mr. 4.5 Forty.

Game 1:  Saints @ Bmore -1.5

Phil:  My negativity directed toward the Ravens is well chronicled on this website.  There is no chance they’ll win this game.  Their pass defense has been their weakness for, well pretty much forever.  It’s exacerbated this year by a complete lack of a pass rush.  Amazingly, the Ravens cut Antwan Barnes who is tearing it up for the Chargers so they could keep….Justin Phillips?  Yeah I know, right.  Great moves Ozzie and Harbaugh.  Have I mentioned John Harbaugh sucks?  He does.  Ravens go down big time despite the great home crowd.  Saints 27 Ravens 14

ray-lewis jedi.jpg

The Ravens will need light sabers to win Sunday.

Mr. 4.5 Forty:  This is a tough one to pick and should be a great game.  The Ravens D has had some tough times with the more explosive offenses in the league like New England, the Texans and Buffalo, but have found ways to win.  The Saints are coming in hot winning 6 in a row, but they’ve caught a few breaks of their own in beating Cinncy and Dallas.  It’s too bad Bart Scott isn’t around to use any of his hot sauce.  Its going to be cold on Sunday.  If Ray Lewis can have 6 heads on his shoulders shooting lighting out of their mouths on Sunday I think they win.  If not, I’ll take the points.  Saints 27-24.

Game 2:  Washington @ Dallas -6

Phil:  This is a classic rivalry game, this week’s contender is a Skins fan so I had to put this game in this week.  The Redskins are starting Rex Grossman.  Do I really need to say anything else?  I do!  The Skins will make one last hurrah…and still lose, but cover.  Cowboys 22 Skins 20

The Redskins welcome Mr. Football, Rex Grossman!

Mr. 4.5 Forty:  I would be moderately happy if the Skins were able to win another game this season and this one would be the best, but I’ve lost all faith in this team this year.  They’ve checked out for the season as evidenced by them screwing up about every way possible in the past month.  Eight turnovers in their last three games, missed an extra point to lose a game, had an unnecessary block in the back to lose a game and lost a game 10 seconds into the game.  They basically have no near term future.  There not even good enough to be in the hunt in the NFC West.  On the bright side all of this losing will put the Redskins in perfect position to overpay some mediocre free agent.  If there is one thing Synder does not like to do it’s savings ze money.  We don’t need to talk about the Cowboys. Dallas 28-17

Game 3:  Jax @ Indy -5

Phil:  How are the Jags any good?  As Mr. 4.5 Forty mentioned, the only thing they have going for them is the second best rushing attack in the league.  Their other strengths?  Giveaway/Takeaways?  Nope, -10, tied for worst in the league.  Defense?  Nope, 18th against the rush, 29th against the pass.  The fact is, this team has no strengths past their 4.8 yards per rush.  They are 8-5 because they’ve beaten 7 sub .500 teams and a 7-6 Colts team.  Pey Pey and the boys aren’t getting swept by these clowns.  Indy 26 Jags 17


Mr. 4.5 Forty:  Pick Indy.  Seemingly all year the Jags have been out played and then some how win in the end.  They looked like one of the worst teams in the league in their Monday night game against the Titans earlier this year.  However, with an assist from luck they’ve been able to win games with the 2nd ranked rush offense of Jones Drew and Jerry Falwell’s own Rashad Jennings, which matches up well against the third worst rush defense in the league.  But lets be honest, there’s no way the Jags win this. The Colts are starting their playoff surge a little later than normal this year and Manning and the young horses get it done.  Also Austin Collie will be back this week.  Remember him?  No?  Well probably neither will he after another few games.  Don’t feel bad for the Jaguars though, they get a win next week because they play the Redskins. Colts 31-23


STANDINGS: Phil 22-17-3 CONTENDERS: 22-17-3

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