This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well, via PA Doug, the contenders finally caught me.  I gave the Chiefs and Rams too much credit, but saw the fall of the Jets coming.  It’s all just luck though anyway…so let’s talk about it.

Game 1:  St. Louis @ New Orleans -9 (Phil picked St. L PA Doug picked NO)

Phil:  St. Louis should still win this division and that just shows how bad the NFC West is.  The Saints controlled this game pretty much from beginning to end.  I thought the Rams had some mo’ and the Saints iffy play this year would catch up to them.  It didn’t.  Big L for Phil.

The NFC West division winner is about as scary as this.

PA Doug: I nearly picked this game perfectly, but instead of a second touchdown, the Rams put up a second FG.  Enough said, I am an expert prognosticator!

Game 2:  Miami @ NY Jets -5.5 (Phil picked Miami, PA Doug picked NYJ)

Phil:  As I’ve said time and time again, the great teams have great QBs (unless you have an all-time great defense, see the 2000 Ravens).  Neither of these teams have much at QB so it’s a toss up game.  The Dolphins only had 55 passing yards but they still won.  They’re also an amazing 6-1 on the road.  They’ll finish 9-7 and no one will care.  Jets are now looking at a 6 seed.

Dolphins make ladies happy.

PA Doug:  Well, I was right on this as well, except that the Jets really, really, really suck!!  The Dolphins did shoot themselves in the foot with crucial turnovers when in Jets territory, but the Jets could never take advantage!  Mark Sanchez is awful, and on Sunday, so were the Jets receivers.  I think each team deserves a loss when both of them obviously are trying to lose instead of trying to win, but hey, at least my wife was happy!!

Game 3:  KC @ San Diego -7 (Phil picked KC, PA Doug picked SD)

Phil:  The Chargers still have got it.  The Chiefs are not ready for primetime, but if they win 2 of their last 3 they should win the division, though the division tiebreaker could be pretty tight.  AFC fans everywhere are rooting for the Chiefs and Jags to keep Indy and San D out of the playoffs, me included.

More exclamation points from PA Doug!

PA Doug:  I can’t even be happy that I nailed this game as well because why the hell couldn’t it happen in week 1 so I could have potentially still been alive in Survivor?!?!  31-0, wow, and honestly, I’m less impressed with the Chargers performance than I am embarrassed by the Chiefs.  I mean come on, yes, their record is artificially inflated but a complete no show by the entire team, not just Matt Cassel?!?!  Chiefs will probably still win division based on their remaining schedule which means the Ravens get a cake walk in the playoffs!  F!  Oh well, I’ll take 2-1 and keep on riding high!!

STANDINGS: Phil 22-17-3 CONTENDERS: 22-17-3

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