Links For My Bros of All Species*.

Pound it.

This weekend everyone defrosted their fridges, and crocheted Christmas presents for their parents. What? You can TOO crochet an ashtray. So enjoy a Tuesday link dump.

Is Batman a State Actor? That’s right, ladies and virgins with law degrees, there’s a blog that covers the intersection of Superheroes and the Law. Other recent posts include “Rico and The Legion of Doom”, and “Hearsay and Professor X”. [Law and the Multiverse]

It’s not the best historical book I’ve ever read (the connection between the murders and the architecture is tenuous at best), I’m still excited to see Leo DiCaprio as a turn-of-the-century serial killer in Devil in the White City [Chud]

I love my Bodum french press, but I strongly resent coffee freaks who are “turning simple acts of nourishment into complicated rituals of self-congratulation”. I generally look down on self-congratulation of all kinds. [NYT]

Y’all see the Metrodome roof collapse? Something, something, easy Brett Favre joke, whatever. [With Leather]

The real murder that inspired Stieg Larrson’s Millennium trilogy. [Telegraph]

Pixar’s Founder and President, Ed Catmull, gave a brief speech at the Twitter headquarters. He sounded vaguely libertarian when he said it’s “better to correct mistakes than to try to prevent them.” [Huffington Post]

*Except insects. You guys get out of here. You can’t even read a blog!

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