This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

It was a competitive week.  Both Tim and I were spot on with picks on both of our home teams.  The Pats were the only favored team to hold serve.  All this — AND MORE — in this week in libertarian football picks!

GAME 1:  Raiders @ Chargers -13 (Boston T picked Raiders, Phil picked Chargers)

Phil:  I thought the Chargers would put it together in this game.  It was too important for them to lose.  Statistically, they had the best offense and defense in the league.  Well that’s why I guess stats are for losers.  Not all teams have a strength they can rely on to win games.  Even good teams like the Ravens.  The Raiders do, though.  They can run the ball. They rushed for 251 yards.  End of story.  Chargers, enjoy the offseason.

Raiders Christmas: "Merry Christmas, here is your switchblade, Junior!"

Boston T:  Well it’s a crying shame my mortgage wasn’t on the line because I would have cleaned up on this one.  The Raiders laid quite a whipping on cry baby Rivers and his Chargers.  The Chargers got killed in time of possession in this one and that’s what cost them.  Their up and down season continues.  The playoffs are far from a lock for this media darling and that makes me happy.  They are who I thought they were!
GAME 2:  Steelers @ Ravens -3 (Phil picked Steelers, Boston T picked Ravens)
Phil:  The ability of the Ravens coaches, going all the way back to Ted Marchibroda, to play NOT to lose instead of playing TO win astounds me.  The Ravens have played the prevent offense in the second half all year long.  It doesn’t work against good teams, but the ever-incompetent John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron just don’t get it.  As long as the Ravens have this coaching staff, they will never be an elite team like the Pats, Steelers, Colts etc.  Why? Because they don’t play to win, plain and simple.  I could write 50 pages on this it makes me so angry.  If Ray Lewis was on the Steelers he’d have won 5 Super Bowls.  Instead he’s stuck with Billick and Harbaugh at the helm who have done nothing but lose big games because they are afraid to take risks and are generally incompetent.

The usual look for a Ravens fan when Big Ben is on the field.

Boston T:  I’m not sure what happened here other than the fact that Big Ben might as well walk the Ravens around on a leash because he OWNS them.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for Ravens fans to have to swallow their pride and lose to that idiot year after year.  I still think the Ravens are a better team and if this game was played during the day, for some reason I think it would have gone the other way.  One things for sure, I will never doubt Big Ben’s dominance in this matchup again.
GAME 3:  Jets @ Patriots -3.5 (Both picked Pats)
Phil:  As a football fan what I love most is running the ball and defense.  But like my love of Rush, running the ball and defense are out of style (although Rush is making somewhat of a comeback).  It’s all about coaching and quarterbacks.  The rules are designed so that the team with the best quarterback will win, and the rules are designed to protect the quarterback at all costs.  It doesn’t matter that the Jets have a good defense, you have to have an all-time great defense to beat a locked in QB like Brady unless your own team can put up 30 points.  The Jets offense can’t put up 30, even on the lowly Pats D.

If Neil Peart was an NFL head coach he'd run the Wing T.

Boston T:  I believe this was the most lopsided victory in the NFL this year.  I’m sure Jets fans would argue that their team didn’t show up, but I don’t think that’s the case.  They showed up and got their tails handed to them.  Hype = Over.  While Sexy Rexy does most of his talking in the buffet line, the Patriots did their talking on the field.  This game should serve as confirmation that fireman John and the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets are not yet ready for primetime.  They are a good team but were for the most part, untested this year.  Rex and his reverse psychology mental games fell way short of what it takes to win.  Patriots have no established themselves as the premiere team in the NFL and if they complete the season with a 14-2 record, it will be one of the best 14-2 records in history (take a look at who they’ve beaten).

STANDINGS: Phil 21-15-3 CONTENDERS: 20-16-3

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