New House Of Punte – Same Great Taste, Less Filling

I don't often drink Four Loko, but when I do, I go batshit crazy.

Phil Raintree and I returned to the House Of Punte podcast last night, and it turned out well. I filled in on news, and Phil did his Olde Tyme NFL picks like a boss. We also debuted the new NFL Trivia segment, brought to you by the good folks at Proctor & Gamble, as part of their Take It To The House initiative. The trivia was hard. Sorry, guys, you were warriors.

Our guest was Jeff Metzger, author of The Rogue’s Handbook: A Concise Guide to Conduct for the Aspiring Gentleman Rogue. It looks like a great book, if you’re into the whole manaissance idea, as represented sites and archetypes like Art of Manliness or The Most Interesting Man In The World.

You can follow all of us on Twitter. Us being, namely, Josh Zerkle, Aaron, and Phil Raintree. To listen click here. Check out Jeff’s site here.

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