Do You Have Good Taste? Tastings at Central

Ashley over at We Love DC has a brief post that’s worth copying in full.

Don’t you hate it when a friend holds a wooden spoon out for you and says, “I don’t think this tastes right, will you try it?” That never ends well. Your taste bud karma is finally paying off, because Central is holding out the proverbial wooden spoon to you for the next two weeks.

Come to the restaurant at 9:30pm every night until the end of the test period on December 21st, and chef de cuisine Arthur Cavilere will have free samples of a new dish each night for you to try. You’ll have to score for your supper though – diners are expected to rate each dish on taste, presentation, marketability and value. At the end of the test period, all the tallies will be put in a hat and one will be drawn for a free dinner for two at Central. Not only do you get free food, but you might just get extra free food for your trouble. Not too shabby.

Central is, to my mind, one of the better places to grab a cocktail in that neck of the woods. The meat-and-cheese appetizers are killer, and they do gin martinis right. Run, don’t walk.

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