War As Public Choice? WikiLeaks And Say’s Law.

One of the many problems with our tax code is that lots of Americans pay nothing for all the government services and handouts they receive. If something is free, you naturally want more and more of it. According to our friends at the Tax Foundation latest data shows this trend reaching record highs.

We see this same mechanism at work in the recent Wikileaks data dump. Go to any of the 507 (and growing) mirror sites and you can find examples of foreign governments urging America to use our military. Australia thinks we should attack China. Saudi Arabia invites us to tangle with Iran. It’s easy to argue that someone else should do your work for you. Apparently war is also a public choice problem.

To those conservatives who get queasy at the mere thought of military budget cuts, think of this as another application of Say’s Law. Our giant military creates incentives for everyone, including other countries, to find military solutions to problems.

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