Monday Links: Viva America Edition

We spent all weekend doing our taxes (‘April’ and ‘December’ sound so alike, simple mistake), and organizing our socks, so here’s a lazy Monday link dump.

– Not to get all Phantom of the Opera here, but if I had to hurt one Broadway actress to help another, America Olivo (right) would be the beneficiary. [Filmdrunk]

– The TSA just can’t get over this awesome weird habit of groping kids. [Popehat]

– Do you like Maker’s Mark? Do you like cupcakes? Do you want Maker’s Mark Cupcakes? [Black and Gold Tchotchkes]

– I like food, and I even like foodies. But pretentious foodies who anguish over their self-image as conveyed by their food choices are basically proclaiming “I am a small-minded person who cannot see past my own prejudices, and feel everyone should conform to them.” Get effed. [Newsweek]

– The uncensored, in-his-own-words account of Sal Giunta, the first living Medal Of Honor Recipient since Vietnam. [Restrepothemovie]

– 80 Gigapixel panorama of London. I can see my (study-abroad) house! [Daily Mail]

– UNESCO: “Hey Africa, cutting down on AIDS, murders, corruption, and mind-blowing poverty is good, but what’s really important is saving neat places for tourists.” [Yahoo]

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