This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Biking Mike went a perfect 3-0 to bring the contenders within striking distance of me as I went below .500 for the first time in a while.  There are only five weeks left of picks.  Dramatic!

GAME 1:  Pats -7 @ Lions (Phil Picked Lions, Biking Mike picked Pats)

Phil:  My pick looked like genius until the Lions totally imploded in the 4th quarter.  Apparently the Pats tried to break Shaun Hill’s arm.  Not cool, bro.  Not cool.  The Pats are at 9-2 tied with the Jets and Falcons for best record in the NFL.  Out of those three teams I think the Pats are the best, but I don’t think any of those three teams are better than the eventual 6 seeds in the AFC & NFC playoffs.

Artist's rendering of the Lions locker room after their loss to the Pats this past Thursday.

Biking Mike:  The Patriots covered the spread by a large margin in a game that featured Brady’s talent and the Lions inability to rush the quarterback. Brady is living up to the hype as calls for MVP resound.  The Patriots are one of the teams to beat in the AFC as they gear up to make a deep playoff run.  The Lions looked like the sour puss and all they can hope for is some sunshine to dry out before the next beat down.

GAME 2:  Saints -3.5 @ Cowboys (Phil picked Saints, Biking Mike picked Cowboys)

Phil:  The Cowboys deserved to win this game and the Saints continue to look sloppy.  Nonetheless, the Cowboys are now out of the playoffs and the Saints are well on their way to a wildcard in the NFC.  The Saints and Falcons will likely combine for 25 wins as the top two teams in the NFC South.  Only twice since 2002 have the top two teams in a division combined for 25 wins or more. (Titans 13, Indy 12 – 2008; Indy 14, Jax 12 – 2005).  How about that stat?

Only 5% of the time do the top two teams in a division combine for 25 wins. That may happen this year. Better than OK!

Biking Mike:  It’s amazing what a new hand on the helm will do for a team.  The Cowboys almost upset the Saints in the most exciting Thanksgiving Day game.  I was right about the spread as the Saints only won by 3.  It came down to the final 4 minutes of the game.  If not for a late fumble recovery by the Saints, the Cowboys would have won.

GAME 3:  Bengals @ Jets -9 (Both picked Jets)

Phil:  I’ll be honest, I fell asleep before this game ended and didn’t watch any highlights.  But who needs to watch the games to comment?  Tony Kornheiser has made a career of not knowing what he’s talking about, then talking in a whiny voice for hours on end.  Anyway, the if the Jets beat the Pats Monday night, they’ll likely have the 1 seed in the AFC, that’s not necessarily good news though.  Since 2006, the only AFC 1 seed to make the Super Bowl was the ’07 Pats, and we all know how that ended.

Carson Palmer resting during the 4th quarter of their Thanksgiving battle against the Jets.

Biking Mike:  The Jets defense and special teams came up big in a game the Jets managed to win even though they only scored one offensive touchdown.  The Jets just find a way to win while the Bengals continue to look apathetic.  The win begs the question, “is Sanchez good?”  I think the consensus opinion, and certainly my own, is that the kid still hasn’t proven himself yet.  Maybe a deep playoff run will quell the nay sayers.  Until then, I say nay.

STANDINGS: Phil 19-14-3 CONTENDERS: 18-15-3

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