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Picking With Phil: Week 17

Look how far we’ve come.  It’s week 17.  I’m hanging on to a two game ahead of the Contenders.  This week we have Loose Cannon Koala with us.  It’s not Eli Manning, but it is a guy that set a … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: Best of ’10 Edition

Every Friday, we kick off your day with a series of videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, the last Friday Morning Music of 2010 gathers the best videos we posted this year. Not all of these are from … Continue reading

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Economists Be Gambling

Yesterday I pointed to Ronald Bailey’s coverage of the famous Erhlich-Simon bet, and the just concluded Tierney-Simmons bet. Malthus falls to the Cornucopia. Twice. Turns out there’s another wager brewing. At Marginal Revolution, Alex has the details: Last week Steven … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well Mohican Mike’s gut was equally as unsuccessful as his stats, finishing 1-2 on both accounts.  I think the 50% more picks was a great success, however, and now Mohican Mike and I have some more football talk that should … Continue reading

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Malthus and the Cornucopia

In a previous (blog) life, I drove a lefty friend apoplectic by busting out the old saw that ‘a rising tide raises all boats’. Our disagreement was about income equality disparities. Today, Ronald Baily at Reason has a great piece … Continue reading

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J.D. Salinger Meets Comcast

Most people are forced to read Catcher in the Rye during awkward adolescent periods of rebellion. People either love it or hate it. Either you think Holden, with his existential angst, is a whiny bitch, or you understand the kind of dark … Continue reading

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Openness: Slate’s Alternative Present

Slate has an interesting thought-experiment; what would the internet be like today if the FCC had regulated it from the start? Citing software development problems, the online services ask that the deadline for framework specs get pushed back from July … Continue reading

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She Blinded Me with Monday Links

Take More Vitamin D… Wait! Don’t Take the Vitamin D! The biggest kicker is that they’re likely referencing the same report. iPhone adds $1.9 billion to the trade deficit… but wait, not “Made in China”?: “The researchers say traditional ways … Continue reading

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Picking With Phil: Week 16

This week I’m pleased to be joined by long time chum and fellow Ravens fan (CAW CAW) Mohican Mike (as his mother’s side of the family has significant native american ancestry).  As you’ll see Mohican Mike has two picks for each game, … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

It’s Christmas, so Mr. 4.5 Forty and I have a quick hitting TWILFP for you this week. GAME 1:   Saints @ Bmore -1.5 (Both picked Saints) Phil:  In a way, I would have preferred if the Ravens lost this game. … Continue reading

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