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Spent a lot of time reading recently, thanks to the holiday and airports. Here’s the best articles I plowed through using Instapaper:

David Lynch Keeps His Head – The late David Foster Wallace visits a David Lynch set (Lost Highway), spends three days, never speaks to the director, and writes an article.

The Rise of the Tao – How China’s indigenous religion is making a comeback.

MFA vs. NYC –  Two writing cultures define the profession in America.

Shattered Glass – How one writer invented stories too good to be true.

The Unreal Estate – Older article on the rise of online economies in MMORPGS. Have read/seen some good recent updates to this genre, but nothing so thorough.

Obscene Losses – Porn once surfed the breaking wave of technology to make a bundle; now tech threatens an entire industry. Creative destruction everywhere.

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2 Responses to Good Reads

  1. Libby says:

    RE: NYC vs MFA writing: I’m pretty sure the MFA explosion is another pyramid scheme. Employment prospects may be good now (is it?), but the academic market has got to be nearly saturated with MFA programs.

    • Aaron says:

      The article makes an MFA program sound like nothing but an expensive networking opportunity, to perpetuate MFA jobs. More supply of MFA writer-teachers explains the explosion in the number of programs … but at some point that self-reinforcing cycle has to reach some kind of upper bound, right?

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