Friday Morning Music: First Dance Edition!

This week, FMM celebrates our good friends Alex and Katy getting hitched. To celebrate, here’s some suitable first dance songs!

Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose When I mentioned to my sister that this is my intended first dance, she said she wants it too. Turns out our other sister wants it for her Father-Daughter Dance. First one to get married apparently wins.

Peter Gabriel – Book of Love Just the right length, soft tempo, and beautifully executed.

The Avett Brothers – January Wedding I went to a bluegrass-themed wedding once, with a live band, and it was so awesome. It was fun and unique and memorable, and this would have made the perfect first dance song. It’s a little fast, but come on, hopefully you’re only getting married once. Live it up!

So what do you hope/want/plan on your first song to be? Does it have special meaning for you, or your partner?

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