This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

I was inches away from 3-0 this week, but the Raiders pulled it out.  It was a fun slate of games this week.  Let’s talk about it.

GAME 1:  New England -4.5 @ Cleveland (Phil Picked Cleve, Knute picked Pats)

Phil:  This has to be the most surprising game of the year.  A mere week after the Sports Guy called the Pats the number one team in football they were absolutely smoked by a 2-5 team.  But maybe this game wasn’t surprising.  If you can run the ball you will win a lot of games.  The Browns started the year with absolutely nothing at QB and a mediocre defense.  Now they understand how to use McCoy and the defense has shored up its pass defense.  The Browns may have the best running game in football, so no one will want to see them the rest of the year.  The Pats have to question jettisoning so many veterans the past few years.  They are a good team, but not great.  having a lot of draft picks is a good thing, but Tom Brady won’t be around for ever when these young guys develop.

In 20 years people will be calling some guy "the best white running back since Peyton Hillis."

Knute:  I’m pretty sure my firstborn child is going to be named Peyton Rockne.  He’ll probably come out of the womb smacking around all the babies whose yuppie parents think it’s cute to let their hair get as long as Tom Brady’s before getting it cut. News flash you self-important jerks: your baby is not a special snowflake.  Peyton Rockne is a special snowflake….made of frozen acid rain.  Mr. Hillis did C-Way proud this week.  He made my picks look foolish, however.  Raintree looks like the guru he is with the Brownies on top in this one.  Nice work Brownies! (unsubtle political reference)

GAME 2:  KC @ Oakland -2.5 (Both Phil and Knute picked KC)

Phil:  Who knew this would be the most exciting game of the week?  The Raiders have some talent on both sides of the ball, but you have to think Jason Campbell will have bad turnovers in crucial games down the stretch.  I think the Raiders get to 8-8, but the division will really come down to KC and the resurgent Chargers.


Knute:  What a game.  I was happy with my KC pick until I realized late in the fourth quarter that Emperor Al Davis had set a trap (IT’S A TRAP!) for the Chiefs Alliance that no one saw coming.  I can just see Davis’ pregame speech to Todd Haley. Davis: “An entire legion of my finest Raiders await them.  I’m afraid the Raider Shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.”  And if Al Davis can’t shoot blue lightning out of his fingers, I guarantee you Sebastian J. has some stuff on him that makes him think he can.  In fact, it’s probably called Blue Lightning.

GAME 3:  SD -3 @ Houston (Both Phil and Knute picked SD)

Phil:  Knute asks about what’s wrong with the Texans.  Isn’t it their defense?  They haven’t been ranked higher than 13th in total defense, EVER.  This team needs more than Mario Williams if they’re ever going to win.  Since 1998 only the Saints have won the Super Bowl with a defense outside of the top 10, but last year’s Saints had by far the best offense in the league.  The Texans offense has Matt Schaub.  ‘Nuff said.

This guy is average and I have it on authority that he has performance anxiety.

Knute:  I didn’t get to see much of this game.  However, my take away was pretty much what my take away is from every Chargers game: I hate Philip Rivers.  You have to know his teammates just want to beat his ass, but value their paychecks slightly more.  Just slightly.  Is there any doubt how fast those guys would turn on him if they ever suffered an extended downturn?  On the flip side, Houston is a huge disappointment at this point.  What is it they’re lacking exactly?  They seem to have the pieces in place, just can’t get over the proverbial hump.  I guess they’re only one game back, with the Colts not playing like their typical selves, but still.  Anyway, in the final analysis, there is a reason the good Mr. Raintree has his own prediction column, and I am invited to be a guest picker once every 28 years (my age).  Kudos to him for crushing it this week.  The only performance this weekend better than his was that by the Horned Frogs of TCU.

STANDINGS:  Phil 14-11-2  CONTENDERS:  11-14-2

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