This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

How about that Phil?  Now he has a two game lead over the contenders!  Good for him, I mean me.

GAME 1:  Denver at San Francisco -1 (London) (Phil picked San Fran Chazzercise picked Denver)

Phil:  Why does Denver continually show up on this picks site?  I don’t know why.  They really aren’t that entertaining, but I guess their matchups are intriguing for some reason.  So this game was in London and no one in America could care less.  But apparently, these London games have been going so well that the NFL is thinking of doing TWO London games next year!  Hey fans, who needs to have 8 home games when your team can go play 5,000 miles away?!  Alright, I’ve got nothing left here.  I’m pretty pleased with my prediction as only 3 points were scored until the 4th quarter.  Oh by the way, Brandon Lloyd is on pace for 84 catches 1756 yards and 8 touchdowns.


Where did this guy come from?


Chazzercise:  Perhaps the two people who actually watched this game will care to comment.


GAME 2:  Washington at Detroit -2.5 (Both picked Washington)
Phil:  So the Lions have won 5 of their last 47 games.  Two of them have been against the Redskins.  That’s pretty crazy.  Watch out for the Lions offense next year.  With a weak schedule next year and the Vikings and Bears on a downward arc, the Lions have a great chance to contend next year.

A future NFC East star? Chazzercise thinks so, kind of.

Chazzercise:  The McNubb moniker is fitting after all.  At least, Mike Shanahan concurs.  In all seriousness, the latest series of offensive blunders for the ‘Skins should be hung squarely on the offensive line, where it belongs.  So much for my prediction that they would be able to string it together and run the ball effectively enough to open up the passing game.  Give some credit to a defensive line for Detroit that was able to mask major deficiencies in other parts of the unit by relentlessly pressuring and pummeling #5 throughout the game.   The ‘Skins defensive unit had a respectable first half, but got torched by Stafford and Calvin Johnson in the second half largely due to being hung out to dry by the ineptitudes of the ‘Skins offense.  The one thing that ‘Skins fans can hang their hat on is the performance of Brandon Banks and the special teams unit.  Without that, this game would have been pretty ugly.  Next time I will make my bold prediction more generic.
GAME 3:  Pittsburgh at New Orleans (-1) (Both picked New Orleans)
Phil:  As a Ravens fan, (have I mentioned that I’m a Ravens fan?), I’ve gotta give props to the Saints.  By taking down Tomlin’s boys my Ravens are now in first place in the AFC North.  Like other big games this year, the big takeaway from this game is that there is no dominant team in the NFL.  The Steelers were at the top of most power rankings before this game and the Saints were on a big down slide.  Nonetheless, the Saints took care of the Steelers relatively handily.  The Pats are the only 1 loss team in the League, but I think they are maybe the 5th or 6th best team in the conference.  It’s gonna be fun come playoff time.

Is blessing a Saint with a halo repetitive?

Chazzercise:  Even with banged up running backs for New Orleans and Pittsburgh still settling into a groove with Roethlisberger back at the helm, I expected more offense in this game with the Saints having had their backs against the wall following a poor home performance against the Browns.  Surprisingly enough, the performance of the Saints defense stands as the decisive factor in this game.  Only one thing for Saints fans to say (or sing) after a great win like that: Bless You Boys!


STANDINGS:  Phil 12-10-2  CONTENDERS:  10-12-2

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