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Al Gore’s Mea Culpa

Al Gore says “My Bad” in Greece: In Greece earlier this month, Al Gore made a startling admission: “First-generation ethanol, I think, was a mistake.” Unfortunately, Americans have Gore to thank for ethanol subsidies. In 1994, then-Vice President Gore ended a … Continue reading

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Good Reads

Spent a lot of time reading recently, thanks to the holiday and airports. Here’s the best articles I plowed through using Instapaper: David Lynch Keeps His Head – The late David Foster Wallace visits a David Lynch set (Lost Highway), … Continue reading

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This Movie Was Lame The First Time

You’d think John McCain would take the hint that America doesn’t care for his thoughts on who would make a good president. And yet, yesterday he was on CNN extolling his former dead weight running mate and reality tv ‘star’ … Continue reading

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Guest Appearance on Coffee & Markets

I was recently a guest on Ben Domench and Brad Jackson’s podcast, Coffee and Markets, with our old friend Punte aka Josh Zerkle. In part one, we discuss the looming NFL lockout and other sports business with Michele Steele of … Continue reading

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Links: It’s Just Another Manic Monday Edition

The Odds of That Classic: Hiding Fail Post-Turkey Day: The Claim: Drink water before a meal to lose weight Yeah. I thought so. We looked at this study in Russ’ class and found their conclusions omitted a subset of individuals (nondrinkers, … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Music: There’s Turkey Everywhere!

It’s been a rough week on my waistline and liver. Between a bachelor party, a wedding, and big family meals every night, Maine has been … indulgent. This morning I invented the Tums milkshake. It’s not a winner. Anyway, there’s … Continue reading

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Are People Good?

“All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Tolstoy. The difference between progressives/liberals/lefties are libertarians comes down ultimately to their perspective on people. can you trust them? Are they basically good, with … Continue reading

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A Poem to Help Remember Summer

Right now, Maine is cold and leafless and barren. For the last two days it’s rained and snowed and the fog has made this rambling old house on a hill into an island of warmth and family. I was browsing … Continue reading

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Picking with Phil: Week 12

For week 12 we have a special Thanksgiving picks edition for you.  That means all three Turkey Day games carved, dressed, and stuffed with libertarian picking goodness.  Along for this week’s gobble gobble is contender Biking Mike. GAME 1:  Pats -7 … Continue reading

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(T)olerated (S)exual (A)ssault

Yep, they’ve gone too far. You could face an $11,000 fine for refusing the body scanner and the enhanced pat-down on the grounds of disrupting the security process. They’ve prompted complaints. Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is now National Opt-Out … Continue reading

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