Picking With Phil: Week 8

Well look who it is, Chazzercise!  We’re about at mid-season so theoretically we we should have this all figured out.  Let’s see what happens.

GAME 1:  San Francisco (-1) at Denver (London)

Phil:  Not really sure why the NFL put this game in London unless they just want to get more rewards points with their skymiles.  The Broncos are a 6-10 team, the 49ers would be lucky to get 6 wins.  Kyle Orton versus Troy Smith.  Josh Morgan versus Brandon Lloyd.  Get ready!  The limeys get what they like, a soccer score.  San Fran 6 Denver 3

The original field goal posts

Chazzercise:  Frank Gore early.  Frank Gore often.  And that’s not because he is on the fantasy squad.  Although somewhat skewed by the beat down from McFadden, Bush and Co. last week, Denver has the 30th ranked rush defense in the NFL. Throw in the perpetual possibility of the dreaded adverse weather conditions, the need to keep a capable passing offense off the field, and an adverse quarterback situation with Troy Smith (right Phil?).  The 49ers will look to keep the attack on the ground and chew up the clock.  Denver will have just enough success running the ball to open up a few big plays down the field.  With both teams hanging by a thread, but still miraculously in their division races, this is a tough call.  Which team will rally around its relatively inexperienced head coach and show some pride in keeping the season (temporarily) alive?  I say Denver scores a late touchdown.  Denver 24 San Francisco 16

GAME 2:  Washington at Detroit (-2.5)

Phil:  Every single home team is favored this week.  How crazy is that.  Also, how little respect do the Redskins get?  I don’t respect them at all, but even I’m stunned that the Lions are favored in this game.  The Lions are 4-42 in their last 46 games.  That is a .087 winning percentage.  How is this team favored in any game?  Skins get bitter at the disrespect and go big.  Redskins 31 Lions 17

They think McNubbs is ssssssilly.

Chazzercise:  Another winnable road game for the ‘Skins.  They will need more consistent play on the offensive line this week to prevent turnovers and sustain drives.  ‘Skins fans should hold their breath when they see #74 anchoring the right side of the line (right Phil?).  With McNubb (HT Sports Junkies) at the helm, the offense will struggle again, unless they are able to run the ball effectively.  [I should be fair to #5.  He is the best quarterback I have ever had the privilege of cheering (and booing of course) (and that’s no disrespect to Randall)] Oddly enough, I think they will be able to do so, which will open up some play-action for #5 and his (meager) weapons. Ultimately, the decisive battle will be the ‘Skins D Line against the Lions O Line.  The Lions are coming off their bye week with a fully rested and now healthy Stafford to command an offense with big-play potential.  The Lions will have some success, but I think the ‘Skins win that battle overall by forcing a few turnovers and setting the offense up for some easy scores that make the difference in the game.  Bold prediction: Brandon Banks returns a punt for a touchdown.  Washington 27 Detroit 20

Pittsburgh at New Orleans (-1)

Phil:  I love this matchup.  This is why the NFL is so great.  If the Saints lose this game it may be the beginning of the end for them this year.  The Steelers are just consistent.  Not spectacular, but consistent.  They way the league is this year, being consistent may make you the best team in the league.  The Steelers have proven they can score 21 points against a mediocre defense like the Saints.  That means the Saints have to score more than 21, probably 27 to win.  Can they do it?  I think they have to, so they will.  New Orleans 24 Steelers 21

Mrs. Brees is quite the eccentric!

Chazzercise:  One word: voodoo. New Orleans 30 Pittsburgh 20

Happy Halloween.

STANDINGS:  Phil 10-9-2  CONTENDERS:  9-10-2

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