This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Watch out Contenders, Phil is hitting mid season form!  Here are your picks in review for week 7.  Take it away Annie….

GAME 1:  Pittsburgh -3 @ Miami (Annie picked Pitt, Phil picked Miami)

Annie:  Really Steelers? Really?? I did expect more, at least to cover on this one. Ok, Roethlisberger is rusty–fine Phil, I’ll give it to you. Too many turnovers, fumbles, and mistakes in general made this game a lot closer than it needed to be. Pittsburgh really needs to start scoring touchdowns, instead of settling for field goals if they plan to keep one of the best records in the NFL. Yeah, I think it’s a stretch too. Big congrats to Dolphins for lots of improvement, especially with Cameron Wake and Koa Misi. However, they still need some help capitalizing on their touchdown opportunities as well.

Without TDs, the Steelers are relying on this guy.

Phil:  The fact that the Steelers sit atop most NFL power rankings right now shows how close the league it.  Miami, by all account a medicore team that could top out at 10 wins max, pushed the Steelers to the brink.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the AFC playoffs this year as the AFC arguably has the top 6 teams in the league (Jets, Pats, Pitt, Balt, Tenn, Indy), yet all six of those teams could beat each other any given Sunday.

GAME 2:  Oakland @ Denver -7 (Annie picked Denver, Phil picked Oakland)

Annie:  Well we knew that the Raiders needed this game, but I apparently didn’t realize how they wanted this win. I really don’t like the Raiders, but they deserve mad props for this–45 points AND on the road!! Clearly they were NOT missing Darren McFadden this week. He must have heard me spreading rumors, because he threw (“rushed”) those three touchdowns in my face. I only have three words for Josh McDaniels and the Broncos’ performance at home: Wow, that sucked.

McDaniels is the one that's coached the Broncos to their worst loss in team history.

Phil:  After watching the Broncos lay an egg against my Ravens, I lost a lot of respect for this Denver team.  Their strength is Kyle Orton throwing to Brandon Lloyd.  I’m sorry Broncos fans, but that’s not a winning formula.  The fact that the Raiders were so thoroughly dominating was clearly a surprise to everyone and probably even the Raiders players.  The Raiders have as many wins as the Cowboys and Vikings combined right now.  Wild.

GAME 3:  New England @ San Diego -3 (Annie and Phil picked New England)

Annie:  New England did not win this game; San Diego lost it. Sometimes I just don’t understand what Norv Turner is up to with the Chargers, but whatever it’s really not working for them this season. Turnovers worked against San Diego this week–basically giving the Patriots four freebies. They might as well have given the Pats a 10-point head start. San Diego held the ball longer and had twice as many yards as New England. It was really just ugly in general. Brady was sacked four times, suffered under pressure, and yet still managed to score points. I guess that’s why people think he’s so good, or something. Personally, I would not like to see him as an MVP pick, but I can’t say he wouldn’t deserve it.

Are the Chargers tuning out Norv?

Phil:  I really thought the Pats would put it on the Chargers.  I based this, like most things you may have noticed, on how the Pats were able to beat the Ravens a couple of weeks ago.  Applying the transitive property of sports here I draw the following conclusions from this game and said Ravens game:  the Ravens are overrated, the Pats (especially on offense) are overrated, the Chargers will not win more than 7 games.

Until next time, loyal libertarian football pick readers.

STANDINGS:  Phil 10-9-2  CONTENDERS:  9-10-2


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