He’s the Champ. Crown His Ass.

Calling this guy “King of the Nerds” is like calling Charlie Sheen a “mild fan of cocaine“. This guy is to nerds as nerds are to regular, lady-boob-touchin’ people.

MY GOD. He … is … magnificent.

(Ed. Note: For those of you that don’t get the Denny Green reference in the title.)

HEY YOU GUYS! I made you something really special below the jump!

Oh snap, QuestionNerd is all about to wreck havoc up in somebody’s carefully planned universe! SNAP, BEYOTCH. I didn’t understand more than one in ten words he said, but I know when somebody done got SERVED. Here’s a blank screencap for you to make your own witty disapproving jpegs. Share the best ones in the comments!

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