Stephen Fry on Context

For those of you who waded through my rather dense thesis on the importance of context, thanks. The idea that subjective value resides even in the humble sitcom is odd, so I’m glad some of you at least stuck it out.

I started this blog because, once, I was a writer. There was a delight in words and wordplay, and a sense that among these thin lines and sinuous syllables, something important waited, or lurked. In law school, that joy became tempered. Or rather, I allowed that joy to be tempered. I let the dull and leaden lawyerly phrases deaden the thrill writing gave me. The exact, technical, inelegant words corrupted writing, weighed down the joy. This space is my attempt to make amends.

In that vein, please enjoy these simple but powerful words from Stephen Fry. Just as the internet harbors frustrated editors, so in D.C. dwell tyrannous pedants in rather shabby suits. Rules are less important than context, in language, and life.

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