Picking with Phil: Week 7

Let’s switch things up this week.  We have Annie with us this week.  Because she is a lady, we’ll let her go first.

GAME 1:  Pittsburgh -3 @ Miami

Annie:  Ben Roethlisberger is back, and the Steelers are looking good….real good. I know the Dolphins are hurting for a home win, but that’s what you get when you play with the big boys. It should be a good game, but I really don’t think they can pull it off this week, go for the gold (or yellow). Pittsburgh: 24 Miami: 20

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Phil:  The Steelers have a national fan base since no one stays in Pittsburgh when they grow up there and because of the ripple effect of generational bandwagon fans from the 1970’s.  The Dolphins don’t really have fans.  They just have a bunch of poor people with Dolphins starter jackets.  Anyway,  Steelers look pretty strong, but Rothels is rusty.  Dolphins are going to sneak up on Pitt.  Miami 23 Pitt 21

GAME 2:  Oakland @ Denver -7

Annie:  Big game for the Raiders this week, they really need a win to have any chance in the post season. They are playing long-time rival Denver, and it’s looking more and more like 3rd string Boller will get some playing time, which is good for me and bad for Oakland. Fun fact: Boller is the “biggest loser” when it comes to current NFL QB’s according to Bill Williamson who points out Boller has lost his past 10 starts. Home turf, classic rivalry, and a weak contending offense (also possibly missing Darren McFadden) spells a big win for Denver this week. Oakland: 17 Denver: 24

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Phil:  I have a long history with Mr. Boller.  It’s debatable if Boller ever could have been good in the NFL.  He is a little bit short and he pushes the ball.  Brian Billick made sure that Boller would never be a consistent NFL QB by putting him in the starting lineup before he was ready and ruining his confidence.  Either way, respect to KB.  He’s the toughest player I’ve ever seen.  He took huge hits routinely but never complained.  Granted, a lot of the hits were his fault.  Anyway, I think the Raiders surprise the Broncos in this rivalry game.  Raiders 24  Broncos 21

GAME 3:  New England @ San Diego -3

Annie:  Brady and Branch. That’s the story this week. Although Chargers just came back from a rough loss to the Rams, they are still struggling with their worst start since 2003. Although Gates may play, Floyd is out, and that means the Chargers are going to have a tough time getting it done on Sunday. Branch just had one of his best games since his rookie season, and although that may have been his homecoming party, he isn’t a Super Bowl MVP for nothing. Brady knows how to reach his playmakers and the Pats are going to clutch this one. New England: 31 San Diego: 24

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Phil:  The Chargers must win this game.  Not to make the playoffs, but to prove that they actually have a shot at doing something in the playoffs.  I don’t think they have much of a chance.  All season Rivers has put up stats, but hasn’t gotten a lot of good results.  Brady and the Pats are feeling good after the Ravens handed them a W last week.  Pats are going to romp in San D.  Pats 38 San D 24

STANDINGS:  Phil 8-9-1  CONTENDERS:  9-8-1

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5 Responses to Picking with Phil: Week 7

  1. Feel bad for Miami… The stands will be filled with bandwagon fans. Steelers fans without a doubt have the most band wagon fans. The younger fan base doesn’t know S$&% about the history of the team. Miami fans just go on about how Big Ben should a villain on L&O: SVU and that they rigged the Super Bowl in 2005 which is true and that should keep the “fans” of black and gold quiet.

  2. Phil Raintree says:

    Yeah, I’d add that actual Steelers fans are some of the best in the league, no doubt (and I say that as a huge Ravens fans). The amount of people that are somehow Steelers fans reminds me of the recent Red Sox fan phenomena. Ten to fifteen years ago Fenway Park was routinely sparsely filled. Now the ESPN-Sports Guy-Boston media complex has engaged in revisionist history that “Red Sox Nation” has always been a national, robust movement, it hasn’t. And in ten years when Fever Pitch is $4.99 in the discount bin at Wal-Mart (if it isn’t already) and the Red Sox haven’t made the playoffs since since 2009, people will remember that Red Sox fans are just like everyone else: when the team is good the fans are good, when the team is bad, the fans are bad.

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