This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well, we had the first push of the year.  How about that?!  That’s gambling on football for you.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you tie.  Another unusual thing happened this week.  I won!  Good for me.

GAME 1: San Diego -8 @ St. Louis (Phil picked St. L, PP picked San D)

Phil:  I hate to say I told you so.  But, I told you so.  The Chargers defense is mediocre.  Philip Rivers can put up yards, but he’s not a winner.  The Rams?  Gonna win the NFC West.

This man/ram likes it.

Picante Pants: I was close to waking up to the Rams probably ending up a .500 team this year, but just wasn’t quite over the hump with them yet. I am now convinced that everyone still alive in a survival league should take them seriously every week as a threat no matter who they are playing. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to have my defeat come at the expense of Philip Rivers.

GAME 2:  Dallas @ Minnesota -1.5 (Both Phil and PP picked Minnesota)

Phil:  Well, Dallas’ season is over.  Nonetheless we’ll still have to hear about them all year because they’re the Cowboys.  That’s fine with me.  I have Jason Witten on my fantasy team, and he has been horrible this year.  Has there been as big of a non-RB, non-injury fantasy drop off ever as Witten 09 to Witten 10?

It'd be nice if Tony Romo stopped groping Jason Witten and started throwing to him.

Picante Pants:  Didn’t have the opportunity to watch one moment of this game, but the highlights basically made it look like the E.J. Henderson show. May Dallas now go quietly away, and may all future Vikings highlights have a greater percentage of Henderson than Farve, so someday Maryland can name a field house addition for him.

GAME 3:  Indy -3 @ Washington (PP and Phil picked Indy)

Phil:  I had the pleasure of attending this game.  First trip to FedEx Field.  I had low expectations as Baltimoreans typically criticize FedEx Field for its shoddy construction.  Having gone there, I will say I was pleasantly surprised.  The steepness of the stadium makes you feel like you’re on the field and the video boards are pretty good.  Main criticism, the Redskins fans left with 10 minutes in the game when the Redskins were only down 10!  When the traffic leaving the game is so bad that you leave in the 4th quarter in a competitive game, why did you go to the game in the first place?  Anyway, the “Colts” will never win another Super Bowl in the Manning era.  They were lucky to win the first one.  This is the worst Colts team since they went 6-10 under Jimmy Mora.  Redskins may win the NFC East at a 9-7 or a weak 10-6.

FedEx Field looked like this Sunday when the Skins were still in the game.

Picante Pants: Also unexpectedly got to attend this game, which was filled with Redskins pageantry complete with a “homecoming” celebration and Hall of Fame ring presentation to Russ Grimm. About four different people announced to the stadium crowd that they were the best fan base in America, including insane Joe Bugel, with a guest appearance by his hair. Then the Redskins fans proceeded to immediately disprove this as they bailed on nearly the entire fourth quarter in a game that not only they should have won but would have won if they moved with any sense of urgency during their second to last drive. This was the first game in eight years where I have had any doubt that the Colts would find a way to win. They had their typical moments, but they looked shaky and inconsistent enough for me to have my face half buried in my hat all night and to be mocked by the Redskins fans next to me.  These same fans left early after being encouraged enough that there team doesn’t suck anymore to call it a night. Peyton pulled it out, I am left to sweat over a division leading team another week. I can live with that.

STANDINGS:  Phil 8-9-1  CONTENDERS:  9-8-1

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