Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – Red!

This week, we turn our lenses to the color of passion, anger, blood, warning, courage, and sex. That’s right, this week it’s red! Andrea found a sexy car and a classic billboard, Sarah reaffirmed her love for San-Fran, and I found a guy working hard in the Texas sun.


Classic - Andrea



Hard Work - Aaron



Hard Work Detail - Aaron



Red Is Golden - Sarah



Coke Classic - Andrea



No Parking - Aaron


That last picture would be so much better if I knew how to make the tail-light also come out red. I’ll have to crack down and learn some more editing, but for now, I like that shot. As always, click to embiggen.

Next week’s theme ingredient is … “fork”. Sounds like a lot of possibilities, not least of which might be food porn. Send your submissions in to wackcaption at gmail dot com.

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