Liberty Up In Smoke

The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. – Frederic Bastiat

As most people are aware there is a proposition on California’s ballot in Novemberto legalize, regulate and tax the use of marijuana for recreational use. Most polls show this measure will pass. Californians are close to deciding, for one reason or another, that the war on marijuana has failed. I agree for many, many reasons. Unfortunately, the federal government does not see it that way.

Eric Holder recently announced that the federal government will continue to prosecute marijuana possession in California. Holder even stated that marijuana crimes are a “core priority”. Now, most rational people have realized that our republic has long been dead. We have a federal government that continues to overstep its constitutional bounds and the constitution is only payed lip-service to during election cycles. This is a little bit different though. This is the next step towards tyranny.

We now have a government that openly says, “we don’t care what ‘the people’ want, we don’t care what laws are passed, we are going to hunt you down in your homes if you do something we don’t like”. Many people argue that we are a nation of laws and if you don’t like it then change the laws… well what recourse is there when laws are changed and bureaucrats and other public servants refuse to obey? That is a strong move towards serfdom (shameless Hayek plug).

Sure, some people may argue that you need to change federal law then. First, there shouldn’t be federal laws in regard to marijuana use unless a constitutional amendment is passed giving them the authority. As it stands now appointed bureaucrats are making and enforcing “laws” with impunity.

Secondly, the government will not police itself. The DEA isn’t going to admit that marijuana is safer than cigarettes or alcohol because that is where they get their funding. The federal government isn’t going to admit that the social costs of drug use and abuse would go down if drugs were decriminalized and abuse was treated as a medical issue because they would lose power, money and control. The incentives are not there, so it is up to the people to change the laws… only the government is openly admitting they don’t care what the people want. The government continues to lie about the harm caused by most drugs and they aren’t going to go back on those lies now.

Lastly, the two party system has failed us when it comes to individual liberties. The party of fiscal responsibility refuses to endorse legalization even though it would significantly help the budget by reducing enforcement costs, housing non-violent offenders, and would raise money through taxation. The party of equality is staying neutral despite huge racial and socio-economic status discrepancies in enforcement and prosecution.

The core argument should be that it is morally wrong to punish someone who has not harmed another person… but both parties long ago abandoned this principle. On the national level the political groups only listen to their loud bases and their corporate supporters. “The people” are not cared about and the system is so rigged and so controlled by the Republicrats that it is impossible for a third party candidate to get elected.

Government officials realize that they have lost every logical argument for maintaining the prohibition on marijuana so they have resorted to force, something they do best.

So what do we do now? What do you do when the government no longer obeys laws, creates its own rules to oppress the people and has rigged the system so that dissenting opinions are either ruled terrorism or marginalized by corporate media? What do we do?

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One Response to Liberty Up In Smoke

  1. liberty81 says:

    Unfortunately the federal government seems to have neglected the fact that they exist only because the people they govern agreed to give them the right to rule. It’s the people that are supposed to hold the power in our republic and it’s the United States Constitution that lays out our rights but the thugs that fill the ranks of the swollen federal government have forgotten all about that piece of paper. Instead they pry into the private affairs of citizens through unjust taxes, laws, and regulations that were never supposed to be levied on us in the first place!

    Of course, with liberty comes great responsibility on the part of both the people and the federal government and when one neglects their duty the other is quick to follow. But, who let the reigns of responsibility go first? The people of this nation are largely to blame for their loss of rights, I’m sorry to say. The majority of people in the past several decades became complacent, never considering that their apathy would one day turn into a loss of traditional liberty and the inherent rights this nation was founded on.

    Once the federal government began making strides towards usurping the power from the people it snowballed become larger and more intrusive, more neglectful of the people while the citizens slowly became servants of a bureaucratic monstrosity that feeds off of our freedom, devouring the Constitution and it’s sacred content threatening to destroy the last hopes we have to reverse the process.

    Making matters worse the people getting screwed don’t even know they’re being screwed! This destruction of our freedom took some time to materialize and even with the abuses of the government so clear to some of us there are still many who fail to recognize that we’ve been trodden on, our power snatched up from under us. The majority are either ignorant, oblivious, or too dumb to even care to stand up and scream for justice. Even if they did, who would listen to their cry?

    The institution who’s sole reason for existing was to ensure the protection of the people (raising approved taxes and passing legislation only for that purpose, too) from the yoke of tyranny has now become the source of that tyranny and the protector of nothing but its own ambition.

    The golden age of a government for the people, by the people is entering the twilight of its days. Unless we stand up and do something about it, really make ourselves heard, and open the eyes of those too blind to see the tragedy unfold it will be too late to make any difference. The inability to decriminalize marijuana will be the last of our worries once we’ve had the lid shut on our rights for good.

    It’s good to see another activist on here getting the word out that what’s going on in this country isn’t just a foray into an experiment with ultra-big government and police state politics but a permanent shift towards the return of the American people to serfdom. We were born as a nation out of political slavery and that’s how it looks we may fade away…

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