It’s Noisy Being Green?

That’s what I’ve gathered lately. And since we’ve seen the darker side of environmentalism’s noise, as discussed in a prior post by Prodigal Son, consider the following:

Image courtesy Rochester Solar Technologies

1)      The latest news is that people in Vinalhaven, Maine are losing sleep, peace, and quiet… the wind turbines which they once so enthusiastically supported, once turned on, have led to the steady deterioration of sanity for anyone who lives within a mile of the three turbines there. They aren’t the first to realize that wind turbines come with an inordinate amount of noise pollution.

2)      Sun Chips is getting rid of their biodegradable bags because they’ve received so many consumer complaints about how noisy they are.

3)      Alright, so with this third one, bear with me: if the dishwasher soap your state or city allows doesn’t get dishes completely clean as detergent with phosphates—chemicals which boosts algae growth and deplete oxygen in rivers—then many people then wash their dishes twice, using twice the water, energy, and unless you have a super-silent dishwasher, twice the noise. Or rather, many in Washington have just traveled across the border to Idaho to get detergent that does the job the first run.

There you have it. Any other examples out there that I’ve missed?

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