I’ll Pay It To Come Back Empty: U Street to Brooklyn Bus Route

Don’t get your keffiyeh in a kerfuffle, but there’s a new bus route between D.C. and Brooklyn. The KnowitExpress (ed. ugggh) will make trips between U Street and Brooklyn four times a week. The fares seem a little steep to me, more than Bolt Bus, and comparable to DC2NY.

One thing to note, though, there’s a $30 “walk-up fee”, which could make this waaaaay more pricey than taking the subway under the river. Cause if we know one thing about hipsters, it’s that they’re wiiiiiiicked good at planning ahead, and thinking about the future.

Ah the beauty of a free market, and niche advertising. If I don’t ever have to sit next to this guy on the way to New York, than fine by me. If he finds a love connection like this on the route, so much the better. Self-selection people, because I can’t indiscriminently murder people. Yet. Watch for my election ads in 2012.

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