This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well the Contenders have bounced back in a big way.  Mr. Lions fan became the first picker this year to go perfect.  Who says Michigan doesn’t know how to get things done?

GAME 1:  KC @ Indy -7.5  (Phil picked KC, MLF picked Indy)

Phil:  Well I thought this would be high scoring, boy was I wrong.  The Chiefs actually did have a good chance to win this game (or at least cover) so I don’t feel so bad.  The AFC South now has four 3-2 teams.  Wild.

3-0 to 3-13? Probably not. But that would amuse me.

Mr. Lions Fan:  The Colts don’t have to do much to beat you.  They hang around and keep it a one possession game for long enough, and all they need is that one late TD drive to take the W.  It was an ugly game – uglier than I thought – and KC actually looked really solid on defense.  But in the end, as I predicted, Indy won by a decent 10 point margin.  Not the game you dream about.

GAME 2:  St. Louis @ Detroit -3 (Phil and MLF both picked Detroit)

Phil:  Wow, this is the only game we both picked correctly and we did it by picking the Lions!  Weird.  As a Baltimorean, I am a Terps fan, so I enjoy seeing Shaun Hill is continuing on in the long line of pretty good Maryland QBs.  Pick Danny O’Brien in your 2016 fantasy drafts.  He’ll be like, a back up on the Los Angeles Jaguars at that point and will totally get you 15 points one week.  Take that Towson State!

And no one knows who this is.

Mr. Lions Fan: This is the first time in three years I’ve predicted a Lions win and been correct!  In my defense, it’s only the second time in three years I’ve predicted a Lions win…the last was also against the Rams.  As crazy as it sounds, Detroit is a near-legitimate team in the NFC North this year.  Our offense can really role, Calvin Johnson is a freak, Best has some serious open-field potential, and Stafford’s coming back soon (Sorry Terps fans).  Think about it: with the struggling Vikings, the self-mutilating Packers, and the Bears who are the worst 4-1 team in the league, we could actually be a contender.  Had the refs not robbed us of the win in Chicago, we’d be 1 game back from first place in the division.

GAME 3:  Jacksonville -1.5 @ Buffalo (Phil picked Buffalo, MLF picked Jax)

Phil:  A surprisingly high scoring game.  The Jags are the worst 3-2 team in the league other than the Cardinals.  The Jags are -30 points despite the 3-2 record.  The Cards are -50, and are almost giving up 30 points a game.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The NFC West sucks.

Oh for the days of thick gloves and getting to the Super Bowl.

Mr. Lions Fan: I was a little worried that I would be wrong with this pick for the first half.  Buffalo came out with heart and energy, and Phil is right about the Jags having a better record than team.  But in the end, Buffalo’s ineptitude was too much for themselves.  For some reason, the Bills have always been a team you want to pity; at least when I was a kid they were pitied for losing the Super Bowl every year, not for losing in the regular season.

Congrats again to MLF, 3-0 is nothing to sneeze at.  Until next week….

STANDINGS:  Phil 6-9-0  CONTENDERS:  8-7-0


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