Reading and Traveling

Traveling a lot for work the next couple of weeks, but one thing that keeps me going on the road is the awesome Instapaper app. It’s the perfect text-only format for reading the articles, profiles, and book excepts that are too long to read on a computer screen.

If you go to Instapaper, they explain how to put a little bookmarklet into your browser, so you can read any webpage later. You can also get stuff delivered to your kindle, if you’re all techy. There’s a few good sites that aggregate articles, like Longform or Give Me Something To Read. Tate also started his own site, partly to share, and partly to organize interesting writing in a variety of useful ways.

Some of the more interesting things I’ve read recently with Instapaper:

The Boy Who Heard Too Much

The Upside of Depression

The Chessboard Killer

Does You Language Shape How You Think

Enjoy, and read them later.

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