Picking With Phil: Week 5

Can I win two weeks in a row?  I’ll find out this week going against Mr. Lions Fan.  Yes there are still people that root for the Lions.  His team can’t win, but he’s watched them enough to know what a bad team looks like.  Alternatively, he has been around a losing organization for a while, so has it rubbed off on him?  Only one way to find out:  Libertarian Football Picks!

GAME 1:  KC @ Indy -7.5

Phil:  How do you beat Indy?  Run the ball and pressure Peyton Manning.  KC is 3rd in the league in rushing with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones on pace to both top 1,000 rushing yards.  KC has a mediocre pass rush with 7 sacks in 3 games.  Okay, but not great.  So can the Chiefs outscore Pey Pey?  Jacksonville did last week.  I don’t see why KC can’t at least come close this week.  Indy wins but doesn’t cover.  Indy 34 KC 28


If Jamaal Charles gets going, the Chiefs CAN keep up with the Colts.


Mr. Lions Fan:  Yes, KC has been a surprise this year.  But it’s the NFL, so anything can happen…right?  Yes, anything can happen except KC beating Indy this week.  Indy is too good, even when they’re bad.  As much as it pains me to admit this about the Great Forehead, he is probably the best QB in the history of the game and he’s not going down in week 5 at the hands of the Chiefs.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Manning is a betting man, so he probably doesn’t care about the spread, only the W.  Nonetheless, I say Indy wins this one by 10. 27-17.

GAME 2:  St. Louis @ Detroit -3

Phil:  Last year’s worst teams are looking better in 2010.  The Rams have gotten results.  The Lions have not.  Mr. Lions Fan has plenty to say about this game so I’ll let him have his piece and keep it short here.  Both teams have about the same level of talent.  Detroit is at home.  Detroit is due.  Detroit 20 St. Louis 14


Don't act like Joe Cullen (check out the link below) did anything you wouldn't do.


Mr. Lions Fan:  As a dedicated Lions fan, I feel like our team motto is, “win or lose, we lose”.  Recall last year’s thrill-ride of a last second victory over Cleveland, and the heroics of our rookie QB.  We won the game, but we lost Stafford to an injury.  I sense a similar fate for Sunday.   St Louis, as always, shows flashes of real toughness in some aspects of the game.  Steven Jackson is still a heckuva runner in my book.  But Detroit already defeated the Bears in Chicago (yes, we did win that game, I don’t care that NFL rules require two feet, one hip, one forearm, one hand, two somersaults and a triple sow-cow in the end zone before they’ll consider it a TD catch.), and we were 10 yards away from a last-second game-tying field goal against a red-hot Vick and the Eagles.  Despite 13 penalties and a few costly turnovers, we gave Green Bay a run for their money at Lambeau, out-gaining the Packers 431 to 261 yards.  There is no question Detroit is the better team in this week’s match up.  The question is, will our repeated snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory start to wear us down mentally?  (That was one nice thing about Rod Marinelli, there was no “mental” there to be worn down).  I say we overcome.  Detroit wins this game with an impressive offensive showing, 29-24.  BUT, I also predict something ominous happening to the Lions to offset the victory on the field.  Perhaps an injury.  Or perhaps one of our coaches getting drunk and ordering naked from the Wendy’s drive-through…again.

GAME 3:  Jacksonville -1.5 @ Buffalo

Phil:  I wanted to pick this game because the Bills need to be included at least once this season.  This team is woeful, I want nothing to do with them so let’s just get this out of the way.  Though I’d like to take this time to highlight how stupid the NFL was to give Jacksonville a pro football team.  Back in 1994 the NFL could’ve awarded Baltimore an expansion team.  Baltimore, a city that sold out an exhibition game between the Dolphins and Saints in the early 90s to respond to criticism that it couldn’t support an NFL team.  A city with an illustrious football history.  A city that, oh, ACTUALLY LIKES PRO FOOTBALL.  Instead Jacksonville got a team, now it can’t even sell out its partially covered stadium.  Baltimore had to resort to grabbing the Browns, making Clevelanders even more miserable, if that’s possible.  Anyway, the Bills are going to win 3 games this year, I think this is one of them.  Suck it Jacksonville.  Bills 17 Jags 9

Mr. Lions Fan:  I wasted all my ink on the Detroit game, so I’ll keep this real simple.  Jacksonville wins this one.  The Jags are coming off of a confidence boosting victory over Indy, and Buffalo hasn’t had a boost since TO used his Boost mobile phone in the locker room.  It’s in Buffalo and could be a bit of a “trap” for the Jags, so it won’t be a blowout.  24-21.

STANDINGS:  Phil 5-7-0  CONTENDERS:  5-7-0

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