Friday Morning Music: As Seen On Television

Every Friday morning we kick off your weekend with a few videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, Aaron remembers how tv, movies, or commercials introduced him to these bands.

One of my all-time, top-five, desert island movies is High Fidelity. It’s funny, sweet, and honest about the way we all fail to live up to our own self-image, without becoming cynical. John Cusack’s Rob Gordon is a smart, angry underachiever, who rejects even the notion of achieving. Throw in a fantastic soundtrack, and two of the funniest supporting characters in “the musical moron twins” of Jack Black and Todd Louiso, and you’ve got a movie.

It also is the movie that, with this understated scene, introduced me to The Beta Band.

That’s right, I bought The Three E.P.’s because I saw it in a movie. Back in the day, before the internet was a communal space, before iPod commercials taught us about Fiest, we had to rely on word-of-mouth. Sometimes you had awesome friends who told you about “this great band from Canada“, other times you had idiot friends who told you about “this great band from Canada“.* It was a crap shoot. But like Rob Gordon showed me, the boob tube is a great place to find memorable music.

The Beta Band – Dry the Rain Two flavors, live, and studio. I prefer the studio.

The Cure – Pictures of You

My parents were afraid that if they let me watch Southpark I’d pick up foul language, and a disrespect for authority. An ex-girlfriend once told me I had a “southpark smile”, and I suppose sometimes I do. My parents fears turned out to be well-fucking-founded, but the legendary MechaStriesand episode also introduced me to The Cure. I had to find out why Kyle said “Disintegration is the best album ever!” So I may not respect authority, but I did get at least a smattering of culture. Also, my grandmother laughed uproariously at the “Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch” song, so there’s that.

The Submarines – Modern Inventions

Our own Christina linked to the Seabird phone, giving me a big old nerd boner. But the video also included this song, which gave me a big old music boner. Boner city, everybody. Speaking of Boner City, The Submarines have also been featured on Gossip Girl. In non-boner city news, they’ve been on Nip/Tuck, Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy, and numerous iPod and iPhone commercials.

Simon and Garfunkel – America

When I was young, my parents had a VHS copy of a PBS broadcast, The Concert in Central Park. I was too young to know what a loose joint was, but even then I thought it was strange that everyone cheered when Paul made his nerdy joke. I was captivated by their melodies, and the weirdly melancholy vibe of the show, and the music. Years later I found a dvd of the show in a pokey old Cape Cod record shop, and was astounded by the remarkable lack of chemistry, and how it never detracted from the show.

*I’ll link to an actual Nickleback song right after I get a blowjob from Blake Lively and whats-her-face at the same time. Until then, you’ll have to enjoy the comedy stylings of The Bloomington Bros. Or if you want to see some Nickleback here, get on the phone.

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