This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Well, it had to happen at some point, I beat a contender in Week 5!  While Pedro is lucky in life he is apparently unlucky in picks.  I won with a sub .500 record, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.

GAME 1:  Cincy -3 @ Cleveland (Phil and Pedro Both Picked Cincy)

Phil:  I don’t know if I underestimated Cleveland or overestimate Cincy.  Either way, I couldn’t have been more wrong with this game.  I think the main takeaway here is that Carson Palmer is officially no longer a winning QB.

You'd never see Joe Montana in an ad like this.

Pedro:  I feel like I correctly predicted every element of this game except for the score. T.O. tore up the ravaged Cleveland secondary, and Peyton Hillis is on pace for the quickest unknown – underrated – overrated progression of the season. Congrats, Cleveland. This is the best thing that will happen to you all year.

GAME 2:  Seattle -1 @ St. Louis (Phil and Pedro both picked Seattle)

Phil:  Pete Carroll sucked in his previous two NFL stints, and it’s clear that the third time is not the charm.  Meanwhile, I think the Rams are now officially the favorite in the NFC West. You gotta love sports!

Is Sam Bradford the next Vince Ferragamo or just another Zeke Bratkowski.

Pedro:  Seattle never got anything going in this one… can the Rams win this division with a 5-11 record?

GAME 3:  Arizona @ San Diego -8 (Phil picked San Diego, Pedro picked Arizona)

Phil:  The Cardinals are horrible.  I’m not a football genius, but having watched Derek Anderson in the past I really doubted he could be an effective starter.  He looks stupid, he doesn’t have a great arm, he doesn’t make great decisions.  Game, set, match.

Lloyd Christmas?

Pedro:  San Diego played up to their potential, Arizona played down to their potential. Probably should have seen that coming. Anyway, let’s talk about important things, such as the fact that I now have to pretend to like both Favre and Randy Moss. I really don’t like Randy Moss… just a locker room morale-killer. On the other hand, it’s a contract year for him, so maybe he’ll be motivated to play for his wallet. Just know that he’ll always be the first rat to jump off a sinking ship.

STANDINGS:  Phil 5-7-0 Contenders 5-7-0

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