The brain as central planner

My buddy Sam Shirazi writes,

Libertarian Activist Seth Goldin is speaking out against what he feels is the central planning that is inherent with the current functioning of the brain. The Washington DC based Goldin believes that the brain is the ultimate central planner directing the rest of the body. While Goldin has long spoken out against the increasing power of the Federal government, he has only recently realized the danger of unlimited brain control over the rest of the body.

“I was just thinking and it just hit me: the brain tyrannically controls all our lives. Why should a few detached cells in the brain tell the rest of the body what to do,” Goldin said apparently not realizing such thoughts originated in the brain.

Goldin claims to have talked to various individuals cells in the body who say they are fed up by brain interference in their existence. “I was talking to a liver cell and it was upset the brain forced it to process alcohol out of the body. I mean the brain decided to drink the alcohol and be irresponsible, it is wrong for the liver cell have to bail it out by dealing with the toxins.”

Goldin said this and other similar examples show that brain central planning is inefficient and could lead to tyranny. “Why do cells need to get their orders from the brain and get stuck in nerve and synapse red tape? It almost feels like the rest of the body is working for the brain instead of existing for themselves.”

Instead Goldin propose a new body model in which each cell does what is in its own self interest. “No longer should the cells of the body work for some perceived collective good. Each cell should do what it wants in order to maximize its own utility. Toe cells should not be forced to be trapped in smelly shoes and reproductive cells should not be entitled to pleasure. All cells should be free pursue their own happiness without the interference of the brain.

Goldin insists that a new model for the body can result in happier lives and create a more prosperous society. “Just as stateless Somalia has provided the perfect example of a Utopian society so too can the libertarian model for the body free the cells of the body from the tyranny of the central planning brain.”

Clearly, to achieve freedom, we must transform into amoebae.

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