Picking With Phil: Week 4

This week we host contender Pedro, hailing from the ice planet known as Minnesota/Hoth.  When he’s not sleeping inside of Tauntauns to ride out the winter he’s making NFL picks.  He joins WaCK in this, Week 4, to lend his analysis and wholesome Midwestern values.

The state animal of Minnesota, the Tauntaun provides nutritious milk and warmth via its body cavity in the 11 month Minnesota winter.

GAME 1:  Cincy -3 @ Cleveland

Phil:  The Battle of Ohio offers everything you’d want in a football game.  Incompetent quarterbacks, clueless coaches, and bright orange uniforms.  The Browns offensive line may actually be one of the best in the league.  The Bengals have a stout front seven, however.  The last time the Browns had a true home field advantage was 1988.  The Bengals got this.  Cincy 24 Cleveland 16

Browns fans are overrated. Expect the stadium to look like this by the 4th quarter.

Pedro:  Peyton Hillis looked like Juggernaut last week against the vaunted Ravens defense. With that said though, until newly-svelte Drew Carey successfully saves Cleveland, the T-Ocho combo will slice the swiss cheese Browns secondary.  Cincy 31, Cleveland 17

GAME 2:  Seattle -1 @ St. Louis

Phil:  The odds makers think this is the closest game of the week.  Just because it’s close doesn’t mean it’ll be interesting.  The Rams have won 7 games since 2007.  That’s 51 games, that’s 7-44.  The Rams could go undefeated for the rest of 2010, 2011, and into their 8th game of 2012 and still not be above .500 during that stretch.  You can’t pick them, right?  Seattle 16 Rams 10

Chances are the Rams bench will look like this Sunday. It's been the case 44 of the last 51 games they've played.

Pedro:  How early in the season should we expect Pete Carroll to interfere with a play because he’s standing in the middle of the field trying to communicate with Hasselbeck? Actually, that’s likely to be the most interesting part of this game.  Seattle 21, St. Louis 17

GAME 3:  Arizona @ San Diego -8

Phil:  Philip Rivers is possibly the worst teammate in football.  When things don’t go his way he screams at teammates, throws the ball into the ground like an impetuous 8 year old, and whines to the referees.  You learn the most about people when they are under stress.  Rivers’s reactions show that he’s probably not a clutch player.  Fortunately for Chargers’ fans, this game won’t even be close.  Rivers will throw and complain his way to an easy victory.  San Diego 31 Arizona 10

Three seconds later Julius Peppers broke through, tackled Warner and caused him to drop his dancing partner. Lance Briggs promptly recovered her. They now have 2 children and live in Chicago suburb, Wheaton, Illinois.

Pedro:  I haven’t seen much reason to be excited about the Cardinals this season. With Derek Anderson throwing for 283 yards against the Falcons and Raiders combined, Fitzgerald and Breaston must get lumps in their throats every time they tune in to Dancing with the Stars. Then again, the Chargers have been just as inconsistent as ever in September. I think this will be closer than expected.   San Diego 17, Arizona 14

STANDINGS:  Phil 4-5-0  Contenders 5-4-0

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