Goodbye, Sweet Receiver

Owning a fantasy football team isn’t cold calculated decision making.  A lot of being a fantasy owner is about emotions, feelings, and spirituality.  Please join me in meditation as I share a recent event I experienced as a fantasy football owner.


He was a Badger.  A big play receiver on a running, grinding Big Ten team.  It was fun to watch him on Saturdays as he came alive his senior season and vaulted up my draft board.  He was running in Madison.  I was driving on I-95, not away from him, but not to him either. 

I might as well have been a million miles away from him, though, I felt like each leaping catch he had was thrown from my hands to his.  I admired him.  He would be a great pick in my 02 or 03 seasonal drafts.  No one would think of taking him as early as the fifth round.  I would.  He was Chris Chambers, he would be my receiver.

One of the original members of the my dynasty team, Chris was coming off a big season in 2005.  I thought 2006 might see Chris become a top 10 receiver in the NFL as our fantasy league set sail for the exhilarating but treacherous waters of dynasty league fantasy football.  I envisioned week after week of 65 yard touchdown catches, 4 reception 147 yard days.  But it was not meant to be.  The quarterback situation in Miami went bad quickly.  Chris stopped getting balls.

He made stops in San Diego and Kansas City.  Philip Rivers and the Chargers high powered passing attack couldn’t revive Chris – too many other options.  Going to KC I thought Chris being the only option would bring him back to glory – it didn’t.

In the offseason I had to drop a receiver.  Two rookies were joining my receiving corps.  Something had to give.  There was a roster limit.  Mark Clayton, though a long time member of my favorite NFL team, had just been traded to the woeful Rams.  Mark’s production had been down anyway.  Surely going to a rookie QB on one of the worst teams in the league wouldn’t bring his stats up.  A similar formula didn’t work for Chris in KC.  It wouldn’t work for Mark.  I still had hope for Chris, for Mark, I thought his career was over.

Now as my running back situation becomes dire and with a potential Shanahan starting RB available, I had to make a move.  I looked down my roster.

Who to drop?  Avery? No, I need to save him for the future.  Westbrook?  I need the depth at RB, and dropping Westy would be like throwing a grenade rolling by you in a foxhole at your best friend instead of desperately jumping on it to save him.

Chris had to go.  Only 7 points in three weeks.  Years of potential unrealized.  McCluster and Moeaki are coming on strong in KC.  Could I let him go?  I had to.

A simple click.  Chambers was dropped.  Goodbye sweet receiver, goodbye.

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