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Friday Morning Music – Little Scamps

Every Friday, we kick off your day with a few videos, loosely gathered around a theme. This week, in honor of Candymas Halloween, we present videos with kids. Black Keys – Tighten Up The Black Keys make some of the … Continue reading

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Picking With Phil: Week 8

Well look who it is, Chazzercise!  We’re about at mid-season so theoretically we we should have this all figured out.  Let’s see what happens. GAME 1:  San Francisco (-1) at Denver (London) Phil:  Not really sure why the NFL put … Continue reading

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The Sister Wives

I’ve been watching Sister Wives with my roommates every Sunday evening the past few weeks, and instead of solving all of the questions that I had about that lifestyle, it’s opened up even more questions. I’m sure if I did … Continue reading

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He’s the Champ. Crown His Ass.

Calling this guy “King of the Nerds” is like calling Charlie Sheen a “mild fan of cocaine“. This guy is to nerds as nerds are to regular, lady-boob-touchin’ people. MY GOD. He … is … magnificent. (Ed. Note: For those … Continue reading

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I failed to break out the camera in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge, so you’ll just have to wait for the installment of “fork”. But I’m not the only one who screwed up. There’s lot of FAIL going around … Continue reading

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This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Watch out Contenders, Phil is hitting mid season form!  Here are your picks in review for week 7.  Take it away Annie…. GAME 1:  Pittsburgh -3 @ Miami (Annie picked Pitt, Phil picked Miami) Annie:  Really Steelers? Really?? I did … Continue reading

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David McCandless on Context

For those of you suffering from “data overload”, I’ve got good news. The solution isn’t to ignore data, but instead to make data convey more information in context. That’s the focus of one of the better TED Talks I’ve seen. … Continue reading

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The Burrito Has Sprung

I spent three years living in Silver Spring in the mid-2000’s, which anyone who lived or visited it then knows as the era of Silver Sprung. I’m not kidding, the city actually altered all the public signs for about a … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry on Context

For those of you who waded through my rather dense thesis on the importance of context, thanks. The idea that subjective value resides even in the humble sitcom is odd, so I’m glad some of you at least stuck it … Continue reading

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A Cartoonist Gets It

Today’s XKCD. The focus of productive business ventures is to deliver value to customers, and thereby accrue profit. Parasitic business ventures seek profit for the sake of profit. Different focus. I’m reminded that people often misquote an old saw “money … Continue reading

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