Backup Burrito

Chipotle of Berwyn Heights

So sorry Berwyn Heights, even though I lived a mile and a half from you for four years of college, shopped in your grocery store, and visited your theaters for whatever crummy movie was available, I never knew you existed. When Aaron first mentioned to me that the Berwyn Heights location was amongst the twenty D.C.  Beltway Chipotles, I challenged him to show me this mythical place. Turns out, Berwyn Heights is Greenbelt, or at least what everyone in College Park considers Greenbelt. It may sound foolish, but ask any Terp where you can find Siri’s Chef’’s Secret Thai restaurant, a mall with a Giant as an anchor store, and The Liquor Barn drive-thru package store, I bet every last one will tell you Greenbelt. The Chipotle that was opened to alleviate the demand of the College Park location sits right in the middle of the triangle those landmarks form.

The Berwyn Heights location is pretty nondescript much like the area it sits in on University Boulevard.  It shares a very short shopping strip with an Atlanta Bread Company, but that also gives it a corner spot, which provides for two full walls of windows. There is a decent amount of outside space to sit in, but it is so close to such a busy road, it might not be the most appealing place to sit outside and eat. Probably the best feature this location has going for it is that it serves as a solid backup for anyone looking to avoid the rush at the College Park location since they are only 2.6mi from one another.

We didn’t cheat, but we did cut some corners with this outing. Give us a break though, it came about thirty minutes after eating at the College Park location, the true double-header. Between four diners, we split one order of tacos and carried out a burrito bowl to go. Good thing there was a decent drive back to Virginia after these two early dinners, since I had already promised my parents to take them to have the Ethiopian food they crave every time they visit.

  • Today’s menu: One carnitas soft taco, green-tomatillo salsa, cheese, and letuce.
  • Safety: C- (It can be treacherous driving into this small parking lot. You basically are forced to make either a perilous u-turn on Route 193 after a really long light or try making a left amongst the traffic that backs up coming out of Giant and is not prepared to miss the short window they have to turn at this intersection. )
  • Lemons: C (Did not find them fresh enough to be used to flavor the water.)
  • Blandness: C ( I cannot think of anything else to grade this location on; it was just kind of unmemorable, exactly like the area in which it sits.)

Location Tip: You could attend a UMD basketball game, and if you were lucky enough to have your seat drawn in the game-day giveaway contest, you would have fifty whopping dollars to spend at the Beltway Plaza Mall. With this fifty dollars you could: 1) Buy grocerices at Giant, definitely your best bet 2) Shoot hoops at the Gold’s Gym with a third of a basketball court glassed in just off the main mall corridor 3) Buy any equally worthless gift at Gift Gallery, Gift Outlet, or Gift World 4) Class up your business attire with three new shirts and four new ties from Shirts, Ties, and More 5) Purchase that special someone a very non-Victoria’s Secret negligee and some tasteful edible body paste at Luv’n Time.

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