Grow A Pair (Of Tomatoes)

"I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican ..."

No one likes a nag, and no one likes patronizing. Maybe that’s partly why Americans aren’t eating vegetables. Future Pundit thinks vegetables are unpleasant, and suggests we surreptitiously feed them to the public.

Meat can be used to boost consumption of berries and cherries. Cherries mixed in to ground beef even reduces carcinogen formation during cooking. So double bonus points. Stews are another way to use meat to deliver healthy foods.

The cost of fruits and vegetables is significantly higher than junk foods, according to this table from the USDA, and likely to rise much higher in just the next two years. Unfortunately that means even fewer people will seek out fresh veggies.

Instead of trying to badger or trick people, what about lowering the cost of veggies? Than a lot of people would respond naturally to incentives, and buy more onions and endives and tomatoes. And if we stopped destroying so much corn on wasteful ethanol, then corn prices would drop, and we could really get people to chow down.

Unfortunately that won’t happen, because policy makers don’t care about results. They want the public to eat vegetables because it’s the right thing to do. I agree that objectively, it is right to eat vegetables. But if you’re result-oriented, what’s important is the number of vegetables eaten, not the number of people who follow your moral lead.

And tangentially speaking of Colbert’s sideshow, Libby didn’t think he was funny. Ufford did. I thought his remarks were amusing, but that the scenario as a whole was hysterical. He was mocking the Democrats who invited him, the people who cloud the immigration issue with ideology, and offered a serious policy proposal. In all, his five minutes were the most effective use of time on Capitol Hill since I had to pee during the Fourth of July concert. His line about tomato production was priceless. Too bad the real news that day went largely ignored. But judge Colbert for yourselves.

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