Run And Tell Links, Homeboy

Because we can’t wax poetic/libertarian about EVERYTHING on the internet.

I Studied Abroad In Africa! – White people acting like they care never gets old.

Robopanda makes a tea bag joke and references Maslow. Also, GRAVITY GUN IN GTA.

Investor’s Business Daily blasts the anonymous White House aide who suggested Koch Industries was cheating the government by … paying their taxes.

What most offends me about liberals: if you think you know how to run someone else’s life, you routinely end up treating them like garbage. This SHOULD indicate a flaw in your assumptions, but few liberals ever make that connection. Case in point, the trapped Chilean Mine workers and their psychologists. Somewhere, Kafka nods his head.

For all you DC area photographers, tomorrow is the solstice, which means DCHenge is a thing. Which is happening.

Manly visiting cards. I like the one that just reads “Distinguished Gentleman”.

And in happy news, “Bed Intruder Song” unintentional singer Antoine Dodson, GOT PAID.

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