This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Who says you need to have knowledge on a topic to discuss it?  I failed yet again to pick more than 1 game correctly this week.  Now, like the Michigan State Court of Appeals in the stealth unionization case, I must explain myself.   So enjoy the second edition of This Week in Libertarian NFL Picks, now with bonus free-markety linkity tidbits!

GAME 1:  Pittsburgh @ Tennessee -5.5 (Both Phil and Rhom picked Pitt)

Phil:  I hate the Steelers, but as Wes Mantooth said to Ron Burgundy, dammit, I respect them.  If I was allowed to be a gambling man, I’d have gone in big on this one.  You take the Steelers D against a shaky QB like Vince Young every time and twice on Sundays.

Wes Mantooth is a movie character I enjoy, and you can bet on that.

Rhom:  I had hopes that the Steelers D would contain Chris Johnson, but nothing like what they did Sunday. Holding Mr. 2500 to 34 yards is about as hard to do as holding the government to a promise. The Steelers prove yet again that a great defense is more important than a good offense.

GAME 2:  Miami @ Minnesota -5.5 (Phil picked Minnesota, Rhom picked Miami)

Phil:  I didn’t see this one coming, but that’s why they play the games.  Imagine how much more effective (or, perhaps, ineffective) Ricky Williams would be with a libertarian drug policy?  I guess the NFL probably wouldn’t have let him play anyway.  Regardless, this is a good recent article on the tea partiers and drug policy.

Ricky is happy.

Rhom:  Right on cue, Brett Favre managed to sink his team’s chances to get their season back on track with 4 turnovers in the Vikings’ loss to the Dolphins. Does Minnesota suddenly have a quarterback competition on their hands? Probably not as we know from the real world that for competition to work you can’t have someone with an entitlement mentality that gets special favors from those in power (aka Favre’s entire career).

GAME 3:  New England -2.5 @ New York Jets (Phil and Rhom picked Pats)

Phil:  I guess Hard Knocks had a subconscious effect on me.  Two weeks in a row with the Jets picks.  Unlike last week, this week the Jets game is a loss for me.  Most Jets fans have to put up with Bloomberg’s Nanny State, so I hope they can enjoy this one before doctors determine that watching football is unhealthy and therefore made illegal by the luminaries that dictate lifestyle choices in the Big Apple.

Nanny Bloomberg says, a spoonful of sugar will cause you to be placed in a New York City health and fitness reeducation camp!

Rhom:  I would have been 3-for-3 if it wasn’t for this surprise outcome; I figured the Jets would keep it close but see them coming out on top. Hats off to Mark Sanchez for a career game. Enjoy it while it lasts.

STANDINGS:  Phil 2-4-0  Contenders 3-3-0

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