We Need Your Help, WaCKers

Later this week, Phil Raintree and I took a second spin at the whole podcasting thing, over at the House of Punte. Someone royally screwed up, because we got asked back again. This week, the guest will be eloquent scribe, Unsilent Majority, who writes at KSK, Deadspin, and probably other places. I think he lifted this line from Shakespeare, when he tweefed:

Also, and more pertinently to this post, we’re trying out something new with Shakey’s “game show”. WE get to ask HIM questions. So if you’ve listened the last two weeks, and I’m sure you have, you MUST have some questions for Shakey. So leave them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to get them on the air.

Listen for the show on Thursday either here or over at KSK, and be sure to follow all the regular suspects on twitter.

Tweet at us! Phil Raintree, Aaron, Whiskey and Car Keys, Amber Jones, Brandon, Punte/Josh Zerkle, and Shakey. Also, Shakey has the most EPIC twitter background ever.

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