Picking with Phil: Week 2

Week 1 was a real lark, so let’s do it again, NFL Picks!  WaCK, the premier free marketing, nfl picking, blogging blog presents this week’s contender, Rhom.

GAME 1:  Pittsburgh @ Tennessee -5.5

Phil:  The Titans looked great last week, but they were playing the Raiders.  The Steelers struggled to put away the Falcons, but were pretty much in control of the game from start to finish.  5.5 points is waaaay too much to give the Titans right now.  Even if the Steelers don’t win, they’ll make it close.  Pittsburgh 20 Tennessee 17

This is the face you make when you have a career 73.4 passer rating and like being around shirtless dudes.

Rhom:  Growing up a Steelers fan the Pittsburgh/Tennessee(and old Houston Oilers) match-up is an old hat. What’s new this year is the Titans are boasting the league’s most dynamic run attack while the Steelers are in line to reclaim their throne of stingiest run defense from 2008. Expect Chris Johnson to break a few long scampers but not much else as the Steelers force the Titans to win in the air. Meaning forcing them to lose. Pittsburgh 17 Titans 13

GAME 2:  Miami @ Minnesota -5.5

Phil:  You’d probably call this a must win game for Minnesota because after facing the Lions in week 3 and a bye in week 4, they are @ Jets; vs. Cowboys; @ Packers; @ Pats.  Brett Favre typically implodes in must win games and faced off-season distractions (such as Elin Nordegren sleeping on his couch), but the Dolphins’ personnel isn’t close to as good as the Vikes’.  Minnesota 27  Miami 14

Would be a great trio to have with you in a golf foursome.

Rhom:  Minnesota seems like the easy pick here, but I have serious doubts about their offense this year outside of Adrian Peterson. As long as Favre convinces himself (he will) that he has to make plays (he won’t) I see the Vikings struggling in week 2 against a decent rush attack. If Henne can connect with Marshall to compliment their running core, Miami steals one. Plus Ace Ventura was a better movie than the 13th Warrior. Miami 13 Minnesota 9

GAME 3:  New England -2.5 @ New York Jets

Phil:  The Jets were taken down a notch last week against a certain team with a certain bird mascot and a certain middle linebacker.  The Pats proved they are still the team to beat in the AFC East.  The Jets defense is great, but Brady is more greater.  NE 24  New York Jets 10

Tom Brady and his funny microphone.

Rhom:  After what we saw in week 1 from both teams, you have to go Patriots here. Can the Jets prove they are more than just talk and can back up the hype? There’s still hope, just not this week. I see the Jets offense sputtering for a second time but the defense bailing them out to be able to get some points on the board. Hide your kids, hide your wife, this one gets closer than Phil seems to think. New England 21 Jets 17.

STANDINGS:  Phil 1-2-0  Contenders 1-2-0

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