This Week in Libertarian Football Picks

Week 1 has come and gone.  The only thing more fun than making NFL picks is talking about the NFL picks you made.  So, here we go!

Game 1:  Indy-2 @ Houston (Both Phil and Aaron picked Indy)

Phil:  Pey Pey had a big fantasy day, but he didn’t get the win.  I’m happy with this pick though, you’ve got to pick the Colts in every regular season game until they don’t win 12 games a season.

Aaron:  I said we couldn’t trust the Houston D until they proved themselves. I think they have. Is this the year the fightin’ foreheads finally feel a futile finish? Oh sweet lord in heaven, I hope so. Also, it should be interesting how Peyton manages to pin Arian Foster’s monster day on the Indy O-Line.

Game 2:  Game 2:  Dallas -3.5 @ Washington (Phil picked Dallas, Aaron picked Washington)

Phil:  One of the best parts of living in DC is listening to sports talk radio.  Every year the Redskins win the Super Bowl in April and the call in show hosts try to control expectations as best they can.  Well, the Skins fans can continue their myopia for another week after Sunday night.  The defense looked great and McNabb was competent.  Maybe the rule here is to always bet against Wade Phillips.
Aaron:  I keep telling myself, “IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!” Then I think, “this is pretty terrible football”. BUT IT’S STILL FOOTBALL DAMMIT. I nailed the “Tony Romo is 3/4ths of a competent quarterback” angle. That final drive was classic Romo. Everything looks like it’s going Big-D’s way, and then BOOM. Game over.

Game 3:  Baltimore @ NY Jets -2 (Phil picked Bmore, Aaron picked NYJ)

Phil:  Ray Lewis gets a lot of praise, he also gets a lot of criticism.  They are both probably deserved, but you can’t deny the results he gets.  He’s been on the Ravens for 15 years now.  In the last 11 years, the Ravens have had a top 5 defense 10 times.  That is a dynasty.  The only thing that has stayed the same for those 11 years is Ray Lewis.  I’d put his level of success and longevity up against any NFL player ever.  Monday night was just another high point in one of the greatest success stories we’ll ever see in sports.

Aaron:  Ugly game. Ray-Ray made some big hits, Flacco got his unibrow knocked around. Jets lose, Aaron goes 1-2, and we all got some fucking snacks.

h/t to KSK

STANDINGS:  Phil 1-2-0  Contenders 1-2-0

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