Picking with Phil

The NFL season is upon us.  A lot of people in the sports commentariat do nfl picks.  So why should WaCK?  Because we are the only free market blog that talks football, except maybe ProfessorBainbridge or Houston’s Clear Thinkers.  But WaCK is easily top 3 and gambling is fun, so here we go.

The setup for our picks this season will be simple.  I’ll select three games from the coming week’s NFL schedule, then pick against one of WaCK’s contributors or a special guest.  This week I take on WaCK editor, Aaron.

Game 1:  Indy -2 @ Houston

Phil:  You’ve gotta go Indy here.  Houston has gotten a lot of talk in the offseason, but all Peyton Manning does is spend 3 hours a day exfoliating his forehead and win in the regular season.  Indy 27 Houston 17

Aaron:  I’ll take Indy.  I don’t know how Owen Daniels is going to look after that knee injury last year.  And I don’t trust the Texans defense until they prove themselves. Indy 28 Houston 17

Game 2:  Dallas -3.5 @ Washington

Phil:  Dallas looked bad in the preseason, but the preseason doesn’t mean anything.  Even if Tony Romo gets distracted by some Dumb Dora, the ‘Boys will take this one home.  Dallas 21 Washington 17

Aaron:  This is going to be a nail biter.  There are question marks with Fat Albert and The Redskins O.  There is no reason to believe the Skins can stop the Cowboys or score on them.  Tony Romo, however, has proven time and again he can defeat the Cowboys better than anyone else.  Washington covers, but loses.  Dallas 21 Washington 20

Game 3:  Baltimore @ NY Jets -2

Phil:  I think this may be the best game of the week.  Although, as a Ravens fan, I’m biased.  But you can’t dispute that  two of the NFL best defenses will test two young QBs that need to prove themselves this year.  When it comes down to it, Ray Lewis has a lion in his heart.  Ravens squeak this one out and spoil the New Meadowlands opener.  Bmore 24 Jets 21.

Aaron:  Hard Knocks > Ray Lewis Old Spice Commercial.  Jets 27 Baltimore 17

STANDINGS:  Phil 0-0-0  Contenders 0-0-0

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