Blowing Up – Whiskey and Car Keys EVERYWHERE

Phil Raintree and I got to take my high-pitched whine and his olde tyme radio voice over to the KSK Podcast, House of Punte. For those of you too square to know about it, it’s a funny, inappropriate, football themed show, hosted by the inimitable Josh Zerkle of With Leather.

I’ve been reading KSK and WL for a couple years, and when I moved to Arlington and got to meet him I had a minor celebrity freak-out. Like meeting Kathy Griffen, but good. Phil’s olde tyme game announcing came in around the 27 minute mark, and the actual guest, Brian Bassett, of The Jets Blog at about 37 minutes. Thanks to Punte for having us!

Click for a popup player. Oh yeah, there’s swears and stuff. Fair warning. Stick around to the very end for the greatest Asian joke ever.

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  1. Rhom says:

    Everyone, please do yourself a favor and listen to this. Phil’s old-timey NFL breakdown will make your day.

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